Shower Beer is Here, And it’s Amazing

There is nothing quite like downing a nice cold one in the hot shower before going out for the night. Thanks to the collaboration between two Swedish companies, you can now enjoy a beer that was especially made for drinking in the shower. Brewery PangPang teamed up with Snask, a creative agency, to develop a beer that is meant to be enjoyed in the shower.

Aptly named the Shower Beer, this brew is a strong, slightly sweet pale that has 10 percent Vol. The strong APV is meant to be the perfect beverage to get your night started off right. The citrusy, herbal profile complements a soapy shower.

shower beer bottle view

Not only is this beer perfect for drinking but it was also designed to double as a hair conditioner. The founder of PangPang, Fredrik Tunedal, told Mashable that he designed the beer to be used as a hair conditioner too.

A small 6-ounce bottle was used for this beer to make it easy to gulp down in one shower. To prevent the label from dissolving in the shower, the label is screen printed in pink on a small brown glass.

You will have to wait if you want to get your hands on the Shower Beer. It was supposed to be a one-time offering and the first batch sold out quickly at the release party. The brewery is now working on a new batch. Keep checking their website for updates.

Check it out

shower beer bottle into foam shower beer bottle decoration raw shower beer bottle broken pieces shower beer bottle full view

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