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Giant Snake’s Surprise Visit on Australian Podcast Goes Viral

Stereotypes have been reinforced after a huge snake literally dropped from the ceiling while an Australian trio recorded a podcast. In the now viral clip, two hosts were chatting with a guest dialling in from the front deck of his NSW Central Coast home before the serpent suddenly slithered out from the roof to see what was going on.

While this isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence for us locals, some international viewers are calling it a new contender for ‘Most Australian Moment of the Year’. Take a look above, and we’ll let you decide.

Australian podcast snake
Image: The Guardian

While recording the newest episode of the Sydney-based Fresh Perspectives podcast, the speaker on camera experienced an unexpected interruption from the co-hosts. Their sudden intervention was due to the presence of a giant snake dangling right behind the speaker. In typical Aussie fashion, the speaker remained completely composed and unperturbed by the sight of the snake, carrying on with his point.

“So we were co-ordinating this big podcast from the office and we were interviewing this guy, Andrew,” Mala Webber from Sydney consultancy firm The Strategy Group told Yahoo News Australia. “And the snake just dropped down while he was talking about greenwashing.”

“It was quite unexpected, although they were discussing environments, and Andrew was very chilled. I guess he’s used to living there,” Mala continued.

Andrew, obviously used to his housemate on the roof, quickly calmed the host’s nerves, saying, “It’s only a carpet python, don’t worry. We call him a rodent control officer. I don’t have a name for it because snakes can’t hear you anyway. So yeah, the snake’s far more interesting, what was I saying?”

Carpet Pythons, a common snake species in parts of Australia, may not seem massive at first glance, but they have the potential to grow to enormous sizes. Towards the end of August, a viral video emerged, capturing the attention of many as a Carpet Python, possibly measuring 16ft long, was spotted slithering off a roof and into a tree. Despite being non-venomous, seeing these reptiles up close can surely quicken the pulse.

Although Andrew acted calmly in the face of the python, this didn’t prevent international viewers from expressing their shock on social media. The video has since amassed hundreds of thousands of views across various platforms, with Andrew’s relaxed response captivating audiences, branding it as “the most Australian thing.”

“Bro just sitting there casually after seeing that snake I will have been up the street running,” one viewer commented, while another said, “God put an ocean around Australia for a reason.”

Wait until they see us ride kangaroos to work…