Man Banned from Donating Sperm

Serial Sperm Donor with 600 Children Ordered to Stop

Ok, cowboy, time to put the gun back in the holster.

In a shocking development, a prolific sperm donor has been given the ultimate rejection – he’s been banned from making any more deposits at the fertility bank. The 41-year-old man, who has fathered a staggering 600 children worldwide since 2007, has finally been caught in his web of lies after being found to have misled parents about his true identity.

He’s been hit with a lawsuit that will halt his Genghis Khan-like baby-making spree. The case was filed by a foundation that serves to protect the donor’s children’s rights and the mother of one of the children he allegedly fathered. Despite the legal action, good luck trying to quell this bloke’s 600-strong army in the future.

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This isn’t the first time this Dutchman – known only as Jonathon M. – has been caught red-handed with his pants down. He was banned from donating sperm at local fertility banks back in 2017 when it was discovered that he had already fathered over 100 children. But instead of calling it quits, he decided to take his show on the road, spreading his seed far and wide.

Despite the fact that Dutch clinical guidelines state that donors are allowed to father a maximum of 25 children with 12 mothers, Jonathon M. refused to be held down by such trivial details. He began to plant seeds overseas, using his super sperm to impregnate women from all corners of the globe. He even took to advertising his services online, setting up shop on various sperm donor forums.

Man Banned from Donating Sperm

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According to Sky News, “His lawyer said his client wanted to help people who would otherwise be unable to conceive.” But according to a statement from court, theJudge Thera Hesselink found that the donor ““deliberately lied about this in order to persuade the parents to take him as a donor.”

Hesselink also added that these parents are “now confronted with the fact that the children in their family are part of a huge kinship network with hundreds of half-siblings, which they did not choose.”

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Following the legal proceedings, Jonathon M. is now prohibited “from donating his semen to new prospective parents after the issuing of this judgment.” and could face a fine of up to USD$110,000 (AU$165,000) if he’s ever caught donating sperm again.

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