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Tap, Tap, Clean With Roborock’s Newly Updated Robot Vacuum App

In Partnership with Roborock

Tap. Clean. Tap. Tap. Clean. That’s the latest mantra from leading robot vacuum brand Roborock, which recently updated its app with new software so as to better meet the needs of modern households. And just like that, an already convenient and versatile app has become even more adept in its ability to accommodate different types of users, scenarios, and layouts alike. Load and tap and let technology take care of the rest.

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Image: Roborock

A Great Thing Made Even Greater

Maker of bestsellers like the S8 Pro Ultra and Q Revo, Roborock has already mastered the art of high-performance and supreme intelligence. These are some of the best robot vacuums in the game and they deliver powerful suction, automatic obstacle detection, long-lasting batteries, and additional benefits such as self-emptying and a built-in mop (depending on the model). Similarly impressive was the brand’s previous app, which doubled as an effortless control panel.

But what is a technology-forward company to do if not strive for even greater heights of performance? That’s exactly why Roborock developed software over the past year to make its upgraded app even more customisable, seamless, comprehensive, and user-friendly. To download it onto your device is to know that you’re working with a program that can keep expert pace with your specific wants and needs.

At the heart of Roborock’s updated app is an enhanced focus on addressing the different scenarios that arise from different households. No two homes are exactly the same, after all, nor at the people that live there. To accommodate this fact, the app delivers improved tiers of map detection and customisable control. For example, you can task it with cleaning the kitchen after breakfast, or cleaning the kid’s room even when there are toys on the floor. It’s all just a tap, tap away.

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Image: Roborock

Key Features

The conveniences of a robot vacuum speak for themselves and so too do the conveniences of adjoining app control. Yet one might still not be prepared for the intelligence and usability of Roborock’s newly updated app. Key features include the following:

Customisable Multi-Purpose Mapping and Cleaning

The app works in conjunction with the vacuum’s advanced sensors to create a precise map of your home, using different colours and perimeters to designate each individual room. It also recognises distinct levels in multi-story homes and even highlights obstacles that the robot encounters (and avoids) along its route.

If you want to clean just one room or zone, highlight the area at the tap of your finger and let the vacuum handle the rest. Along similar lines, you can use the app to set routes, schedule cleaning times, and establish no-go zones.

Cleaning Modes and Performance Settings

As you may (or may not) be aware, certain Roborock models offer different cleaning modes such as mop-only and vacuum-only. Not only can you choose between these modes with a few taps, but you can also control things like suction power, carpet boost, and scrub intensity through the app.

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Image: Roborock

Check Status at Anytime

The new Roborock app delivers a convenient overview of essential data such as remaining battery power, remaining cleaning time, and size of the cleaning area. At the same time, you can follow the vacuum’s physical location and progress on the virtual map of your home. This allows you to track performance from near and far alike as you go about your day.

Tap. Tap. Clean.

Tap. Tap. Clean. More than a mantra, it’s practically the world’s briefest user manual. It’s also exactly the kind of convenience one gets when you load up Roborock’s newly updated app. Built to handle the widest possible variety of places and people, this technology takes an already great thing and makes it that much greater. Get tapping and then get living.