Is Sandman Doppler the World’s Best Alarm Clock?

A new Kickstarter campaign is offering an alarm clock that makes whatever dated appliance you have at home seem downright inconvenient. Created by Palo Alto Innovation and dubbed the Sandman Doppler, this intelligent alarm clock hosts 6 USB ports and comes equipped with Amazon’s Alexa among other things. Seriously, though–you had us at Alexa.

sandman alarm clock

The Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock delivers a bevy of modern utilities. There are smart buttons, full range audio speakers with Bluetooth streaming capability, and a customisable LED dashboard for instance. However, it’s those USB ports and the inclusion of Alexa that really drives the message of convenience home. In that regard the trusty Doppler transcends its own status as that thing that wakes you up in the morning, and becomes integral to your life as a whole. It can feed you news, answer questions, provide weather reports and integrate with your smart home all at once. It’s only a matter of time before this or something like it is cooking your breakfast and feeding your pets before you’ve even rolled out of bed.

sandman alarm clock in room

A supremely simple cable management system at the back ensures the smooth charging of all your devices at once. You can also download the Sandman app to your phone and control the alarm clock remotely. What does this all amount to? One damn sleek and smart alarm clock that you can actually communicate with. Should you ever throw it against the wall in a fit of rage, expect to feel really, really guilty about it.

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