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Casa prebarco house

Casa Pre Barco is a Rendition of a Ship on Dry Land

It’s not too hard to picture the inspiration for the Casa Pre Barco. The house looks like the bow of a ship breaking through the waves. But this isn’t a simple trawler or fishing boat – this is more of a yacht, even if it is land-bound. The Casa Pre Barco is a stunning example of architecture, riding a wave of thick foliage on the coast of Chile. It’s compact, though the design and location lend toward a much more expanded view of the world around.

Casa Pre Barco

Location: Coast of Chile
Designer: 2DM Arquitectos
Materials: Dark wood and natural timber interior, glass floor to ceiling on the exterior.

Casa prebarco house 1

Image: Arch Daily

The exterior of Casa Prebarco is a mix of floor to ceiling glass and blackened timber walls. The faced sides are set at angles that closely proximate those of a ship. A wooden terrace cantilevers out from the house much like a swimming platform would from the side of a yacht.

Inside, there’s plenty of space and comfort to be found. On the ground level are the main living areas, which include a kitchen and a lounge. And on the second floor, at what would be the point of the ship’s bow is the master suite, which features two glazed walls coming together to provide unobstructed views of the beautiful countryside, including a view of the Pacific ocean not far away.

Casa prebarco house 2

Image: Arch Daily

The interior is dressed up in dark wood as well as with natural timber, which creates a sense of warmth inside. It’s a house that erupts from the surroundings like a ship breaching through waves. This is a home where occupants can connect with each other, with the land, and with the ocean as well.

The couple that requested the house had the sole criteria of being able to see the Pacific, and what they got is something so much more than that. Not only do they have a stunning view of the coast, but they also have a home that brings the nautical onto dry land.

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Casa Pre Barco house 2

Image: 2DM Arquitectos

Casa Pre Barco interior house1

Image: 2DM Arquitectos

Casa Pre Barco interior house 4

Image: 2DM Arquitectos

Casa Pre Barco house 3

Image: 2DM Arquitectos

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