The Forest House in Northern California

Ever wanted to just move to the woods, but not give up all the comforts of our modern lifestyle we all seem unable to leave behind? The architectural firm Envelope A&D cracked this enigma of a problem for a Northern California family who wanted to create a place for themselves, friends and colleagues to gather off and on throughout the year, when they needed a getaway from the grind of their urban realities. They basically asked themselves the question of what if the forest itself were part of the home — and got to work.

forest house bench and inside materials view

forest house fireplace and footpath view

The result was a structure aptly named the Forest House which is comprised of three tent cabins with sleeping quarters and bathrooms and a connected living and dining common area. Every part of the structure has large mirrored-bronze glass windows that look out into the surrounding forest, allowing connection with the natural setting. Each cabin is also linked to the other on the outside by wood paths and outdoor gathering areas, incorporating the property immediately surrounding the home as outdoor rooms, further making it feel like it is a natural part of the forest itself. Inside there are also hot tubs, outdoor patios and fireplaces and sleek minimalist design that doesn’t infringe on what is actually outside.

Maybe living in a cabin in the woods isn’t so crazy after all…

Check it out

forest house open door beside forest

forest house chair and tool beside fireplace

forest house hot tub on veranda beside chair

forest house in northern california architecture

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