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melbourne underground bat cave

Epic Batman Garage in ‘Wayne Manor’ House in Toorak

Here to prove there’s no fantasy too grand when heaps of cash are on the table is architectural firm Molecule. One of their latest endeavours involved the construction of a personal Batcave in Melbourne. The epic luxury car garage is concealed beneath a heritage mansion and accessible by hidden ramp. Naturally, the estate has been dubbed “The Wayne Residence”. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Molecule’s goal was to retain the same mix of prestigious antiquity and cutting edge modernity that Bruce Wayne himself champions in the films. First and foremost, the firm wanted to preserve the historic integrity of the above-ground mansion. As a result, The Wayne Residence exterior looks very much like an old, beautifully restored heritage property of massive proportion. It’s flanked by picturesque landscaping and what Molecule describes as “articulated Neo-Georgian detailing”. Inside, the vibe is clean, spacious and elegant with decors that range between contemporary and classic.

As in the films, however, it’s about 20 feet below ground where things get really modern if not downright futuristic. That’s where Molecule installed a legendary car garage designed exclusively after Nolan’s Batcave. The mini-fortress is accessible by way of a hydraulic lift that comes up from the turf next to the tennis court. Down here the vibe is starkly different than anything above ground. On the ceiling is a luminous grid of LED lights that seem endless thanks to the use of a mirrored rear wall. The floors and non-mirrored walls are prime slates of sleek grey colours.

dark knight bat cave melbourne

Parked inside the garage will be the kind of cars we can only dream of one day owning ourselves. We’re not expecting military grade vehicles (as seen in the movie still above), though on the other hand one never knows. What we do know is there will be some premium rides to fit in with those premium surroundings. And if the owner needs a few pointers, he knows where to find us.

Lending the underground environs that extra special touch of luxury is an adjoining 12-seat private movie theatre. Hence, feel free to send out that bat signal, but try to make sure it’s not when the owner’s binge-watching the films. Actually, the bat signal might not work regardless because the owner doesn’t seem very dedicated to fulfilling the role. After all, we already know where the secret entrance to his Batcave is.

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