Is the Snooz White Noise Machine the Key to Bedtime Bliss?

Is the Snooz White Noise Machine the Key to Bedtime Bliss?
June 19, 2017 Man of Many

Is the Snooz White Noise Machine the Key to Bedtime Bliss?

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It’s a weeknight. You have to get up very early for an important meeting—one that you can’t miss because you are finally giving the big presentation that you have been working on day and night. Just when you need sleep the most, it is nowhere on the horizon. You know that sleep deprivation won’t be good for your presentation—at all. In fact, sleep deprivation is not good for your mental or physical health at all. The importance of a good night’s rest cannot be overstated.

So, what can you do? Startup SNOOZ just introduced a White Noise Machine that is a lifesaver on nights like these. If you are tired of relying on espresso to get you through the day and want to upgrade the quality of your sleep, this machine might just be the answer to your sleep prayers.

The White Noise Machine by SNOOZ produces a steady, constant level of white noise to mask sounds that often interrupt sleep, such as your partner’s loud and incessant snoring and the construction that takes place at an ungodly hour just outside your bedroom window.

This machine is an ultra-portable sound conditioner that features a real fan. Because not everyone requires the same level of white noise, the tone and volume are both adjustable. This natural white noise doesn’t disturb the surrounding air. Forget about low-quality speakers and looping tracks, with the White Noise Machine, all you hear is the sound of soothing air moving through the fan.

There is no reason not to upgrade your sleep routine and turn your bedroom into your haven for a good night’s rest.

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