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A mancave

10 Stylish Man Cave Ideas For the Ultimate In-House Retreat

As a sanctuary of solitude or a great place to hang with friends, your man cave might very well be the most important room in the house. Because the possibilities are endless, you can always use a few man cave ideas to make this domain the best it can be. We’re talking stylish furniture, quality electronics, gaming consoles, and the mandatory man cave bar, amongst other things. Your family may never see you again, but that’s kind of the point.

Now, use the following pointers, products, and ideas to assemble the best man cave, making all your mates jealous and your wife jealous too. Thatta boy!

1. Stylish and Comfortable Furniture

Comfort is kind of the point when it comes to a quality man cave, but style matters just as much. Here are some man cave ideas to spruce up your interior on both fronts.

Ethan 2 Seater Sofa

Mid-century modern design gets a 21st-century upgrade with this sleek and elegant 2 seater sofa. Cushioned armrests and plump back cushions deliver sheer comfort while the warm wooden frame and black powder-coated legs make for an expert study in contrasts. Sealing the deal is an accessible price point.

Buy it here

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Cammy Arm Chair

We’re in love with furniture brand Castlery and you will be too. The Cammy Arm Chair delivers streamlined simplicity, a fluid design, and plush materials. Your modern man cave needs one.

Buy it here

Stylish man cave ideas falaise rug

Revival Rugs Falais

Bring out your inner Dude with this lavish Moroccan rug, which will definitely tie the room together. And if you don’t get the reference, you’re not worthy of a man cave, period.

Buy it here

Charlie TV Console

If you respect the wonders of wood, then you’ll simply adore this handsome TV console. Featuring an intricate chevron pattern, round handles, and plenty of storage space, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Alex Bean Bag

Putting your standard bean bag to shame, this one maintains a thoroughly modern aesthetic by way of its 100% cotton cover. Soft and lightweight, it’s the best man cave idea you didn’t think of on your own.

Buy it here

2. A Good TV or Projector

Stylish man cave ideas home cinema 1

Do you like to stare at blank walls or twiddle your thumbs for hours on end? If not, you’ll need a good TV or projector for your man cave. Here are some ideas.

Samsung Q900 QLED Smart 8K

Samsung makes some of the best TVs in the game and this one is certainly no exception. Packed with all the bells and whistles, it delivers ultra-sharp QLED 8k resolution and smart functionality.

Buy it here (US) Buy it Here (AU)

LG CX Series Smart OLED

Powered by LG’s best 4k processor and ThinQ AI technology, this sleek TV integrates Google Assistant, Alexa, and Airplay 2 as well. Convenient and immersive in equal measure, it will downright spoil you.

Buy it here Buy it here (AU)

Home Theater Projector

Set this baby up and then invite us over to hang out in your man cave. We’ll bring the popcorn.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

3. Invest in Good Speakers & Audio Equipment

You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the majesty of premium sound (though it doesn’t hurt). May the following products make your best man cave experience that much better.

Bose Home Entertainment System

Bose is already synonymous with top-shelf sound and this ample entertainment system leaves no proverbial stone unturned. You can take it from here.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Stylish man cave ideas gearboxs mkii turntable 1

Vinyl Record Turntable

Featuring a transparent aesthetic and host of modern touch-ups, A stylish compact turntable can double as an eye-catching design piece. While you should definitely scout a piece with modern technology, make sure to opt for turntable with a transparent lid so you can see those classic LPs making the rounds.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom

UE’s biggest and loudest speaker to date is also its best. Supermassive in sound, sleek in design, and completely wireless, HyperBoom makes for an ultimate man cave essential.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

4. Every Man Cave Needs a Bar

Even if you have a man cave in the shed or garage, you should incorporate a bar setup of some sort. Do you want your mates to come by or don’t you?

Bar Fridge

One look at this fridge full of beer and you’ll know whether or not it belongs in your man cave. Spoiler alert: it does.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Whiskey Vault

For the distinguished and passionate whiskey collector, accept nothing less than this luxurious vault. Crafted from solid steel, it features a bullet-proof front window and electronic lock system, amongst other things.

Buy it here

Bar Cart

Sometimes a man cave bar can be simple yet elegant and this is one of those times. Manhattan, anyone?

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Whisky Decanter

Go full Don Draper with this hand-blown whiskey decanter, which incorporates diamond pattern imprints and an authentic 24kt gold leaf.

Buy it here

GrowlerWerks uKeg

Touting industrial-like construction, this robust mini-keg keeps your beer cold and carbonated for weeks at a time. Enough said.

Buy it here

The Bitter Housewife Bull Run Bitters

Round out your cocktail setup with these handcrafted bitters, which deliver enticing aromatics and unique flavour.

Buy it here

5. Gaming Consoles are Essential

If you get bored inside your man cave, you’ve got only yourself to blame. Make sure that never happens by stocking up on the following gaming consoles.

Sony Playstation 4 Pro 1TB Console Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bundle

Do you fancy yourself a “Call of Duty” expert? Then buy this bundle and prove it.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Xbox One S 1TB Console

Go all digital by way of this stellar console, which includes download codes for “Minecraft,” “Sea of Thieves,” and “Fortnite Battle Royale.” May you never buy physical discs again.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headphones

Designed specifically for gamers, these acclaimed headphones deliver lossless wireless audio with ultra-low latency and zero interference. Prepare to immerse.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Arcade Machine

Amongst the best man cave ideas, an arcade machine is a perennial stand out. Your partner might think it’s juvenile, but they just don’t understand.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

6. Create a Fun Space for a Physical Game

Gaming consoles are fun and all, but what about old school classics such as darts or pool? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For something extra special how about this glass pool table by Elite Innovations or this Billiards table by Impatia. 

Dart Board

If you don’t think darts are fun, you either stink at them or you’ve never played them. This rustic cabinet board will change all that.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Foosball Table

Pick up a quality foosball table and your mates will never want to leave. Whether or not that makes it a solid man cave idea probably depends on what kind of mates you have.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

Equal parts stylish and fun, this distinguished mini-hoop will prove surprisingly addictive.

Buy it here

Pool Table

A classic pool table is something no man would argue with and who are you to start?

Buy it here (AU)

7. Buy Gym Equipment that Inspires Exercise

If you have the room for it, we say bring in as much workout gear as you can. It will make up for all that time you spend drinking and playing video games. Here are some fitness-based man cave ideas.

Stylish man cave ideas hans solo yoga mat 1

Han Solo Yoga Mat

Is this amazing Star Wars-themed yoga mat the one for you? That’s a question only you can answer.

Buy it here

Onnit Kettlebells

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fanboy to relish these Darth Vader-style kettlebells. Of course, being a fan doesn’t hurt.

Buy it here

Timber Exercise Wall Bar

Simple, sturdy, practical, and modern, this trusty Wallbar gives way to a host of effective exercises.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Teckell Ciclotte Ride On Bike

More than a high-performance exercise bike, the Teckell Ciclotte is basically a work of modern art.

Buy it here

Stylish man cave ideas barbell 1

Onnit Cerakote Barbells

If these streamlined and sturdy barbells are good enough for Joe Rogan, they’re good enough for you and your man cave.

Buy it here

Tangram Smart Rope

With this popular jump rope at your disposal, you can stay in shape and track fitness data in one fell swoop…or should we say swing?

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

Stylish man cave ideas water rower 1

WaterRower Machine

Like a juicy cherry, this artisanal workout grinder is all kinds of sweet. Use it to boost your man cave decor and your figure alike.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

8. Add Some Sports Memorabilia & Accents

It might seem somewhat traditional, but sports memorabilia is one man cave idea that never goes out of style. Just don’t go overboard.

Lakers Magic Johnson Signed 8X10 Photo w/Michael Jordan BAS Witnessed 3

Two NBA legends in one iconic photo, complete with an autograph? Yes, please.

Buy it here

Sports FunKo Pop! Figurines

FunKo brings the fun indeed, one big-headed action figure at a time.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here (AU)

9. Add Art and Decor for Extra Style Points

The best man caves always feature a touch of artistry and interior design. Make it happen with the following products.

Stylish man cave ideas floor lamp 1

Marshall Floor lamp (Black)

Unique and affordable, the Marshall Floor Lamp distributes even light and a warm glow.

Buy it here

Ship Kites

Handcrafted from ripstop nylon and locally-sourced bamboo, this model ship injects the perfect touch of visual flair.

Buy it here

Marx Coat Rack

Top of the line and rife with detail, this striking coat rack features thick metal knobs, a storage seat, and natural variations in the wood grain patterns.

Buy it here

Classy Wall Art

A quintessential icon, Frank Sinatra exudes masculinity and artistry in equal measure, as does this framed print.

Buy it here

Musical Instruments as Art

Do you have a guitar in your man cave? If so, then cradle it in this signature wall mount.

Buy it here (US) Buy it here

10. Beauty is in the Details

You might have a great man cave, but it won’t be the best man cave without a few choice details. Here are some perfect ways to round out the vibe.

Good Cigar Co. 2 Pack

Presented in a humidity-controlled package, these premium cigars are good for special occasions and casual ones alike.

Buy it here

Good + Well Supply Co Candle

The ladies will be impressed by the addition of a candle. However, the woodsy scent of fir needle, cedar, and tobacco will remind them that this is strictly man cave territory.

Buy it here

Vinyl Me Please Bon Iver I,I

Get this modern-day classic on vinyl for the unique packaging and rich sound. It’s all in the details, gentlemen.

Buy it here

General FAQ

What should be in a man cave?

A man cave should combine stylish flourishes with entertainment essentials. That can mean artwork, gaming consoles, entertainment systems, audio gear, sports memorabilia, and a bar.

How do you decorate a man cave?

Your man cave should be decorated with an eye toward style and functionality alike. Incorporate a TV, record player, bar, artwork, furniture, and other essentials. Make sure each product stands out in terms of design, thereby boosting the decor.

How much does it cost to make a man cave?

The budget for an average man cave will range according to various factors. If you buy secondhand goods, it will drive the price down significantly. Start with a budget of about 2k and work your way up from there.

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