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Cybertruck tent accessory

$2,975 Tesla Basecamp Tent is the Ultimate Cybertruck Accessory

We’ve finally found a real-world use for the new Tesla Cybertruck and if you’re one of the 20 people in the world who will take the all-electric truck off-road you’ll want to get your hands on the official Cybertruck Basecamp Tent. Price at US$2,975 it’s available now at and comes with all the equipment you need to stay dry when you’re off the beaten path.

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Tesla cybertruck view out the back of the tent
Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp Tent | Image: Tent

Funnily enough, it’s similar to the Tesla Cybertruck itself because while it might look like a bit of a gimmick on the surface there’s substance underneath. It features a geodesic air-frame design with hand pump meaning no structural poles are required to erect the tent. From there you’ll find a cool tactical kaleidoscope patterned nylon interior to keep you dry and screen windows to let cool air in during the summer months. Like any great tent, it comes with a mattress in-built for comfort and you can use the trucks bed outlet to keep your tech charged when you’re off-grid by engaging ‘tent mode’ through the infotainment screen.

The overall design lends itself to Cybertruck with sharp angles and functional awnings on the exterior that help create a dry area behind the bed. You mount the tent itself below the tonneau cover and above the bed so there’s still a little storage below for your must-have accessories like stoves, cooking gear, and flashlights, etc.

If you’re lucky enough to be on the short-list for a new Tesla Cybertruck (priced from US$79,990 for a 2024 model) this is a must-have accessory and the price includes installation at your local Tesla Service Centre.

Tesla cybertruck tent mounted in bed
Tesla Cybertruck Basecamp Tent | Image: Tent

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