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Dometic GO is the Ultimate Portable Storage Solution for Camping

We’ve all been there, it’s the night before a weekend of camping and you’re throwing bags and the whole kitchen sink into the back of the car in preparation for a peaceful ‘holiday’ in the wilderness. We couldn’t count the number of times a trip has gone from “Wow, this is going to be the best weekend ever” to “Stuff it, we’re not going anywhere.” We all know that preparation is key, but having the right gear can be expensive, and making sure everything works together is often a headache in itself. Thankfully, Aussie favourite Dometic has just released its new Dometic GO series, a range of portable storage solutions for camping that are sure to do away with any packing angst.

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Dometic go range

Image: Dometic

Australians are hitting the great outdoors in record numbers, so it makes sense that they’re looking for the most convenient and secure way to store their belongings on a weekend away. You’ll recognise Dometic as the brand made famous for manufacturing some of the best portable fridge/freezers in the world and now it’s turned its gaze towards storage with a range of quality options, including modular insulated systems and powered faucets designed for water jugs.

Our favourite items from the collection start with the bamboo camping table. Priced at AUD$300, it’s on the affordable end of the spectrum for bamboo camping tables, but its premium construction is an absolute knockout. The table utilises folding aluminium legs, attached via multiple angles, to fit compactly in your vehicle for transport and arrives with three separate heights for multiple outdoor uses (coffee table, kids table, dining/prep).

We love the 20-litre soft storage bags that work as a modular system alongside the insulated GO PACs. These slot inside the soft storage and transform your Portable Soft Storage into a dependable soft cooler bag to keep your drinks and food cold. These are also leak-proof and available in 20-litre and 10-litre sizes.

Finally, it’s hard to go past a clever solution for water storage. The 13 Best Free Camping Spots in Melbourne is 11 litres in capacity and features a Nagalene closure for connecting to the brand’s new powered water faucet. We love the removable webbed carry handles and built-in tie-down guides. In a perfect world, we’d strap a few of these into the tray of our ute for extended remote trips.

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Image: Dometic

Dometic GO Range

The new Dometic GO Range is available in full via the individual links below.

More information can be found via the link below, stay tuned for pricing updates as the products are released.

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Dometic camping table

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Dometic camping chair

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Dometic camping bench

Image: Dometic

Dometic water jug

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Dometic water faucet

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Dometic soft packing bag

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Dometic 20l soft storage bag

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Dometic 50l hard storage

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Dometic camping rug

Image: Dometic

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