The BajaBoard Lets You Explore the Backcountry on a Skateboard

Motorised skateboards are lots of fun, but there are some places that your deck can never go—such as the dirt trails. Try to take your electric skateboard on a dirt trail, and you’ll likely find yourself walking with it—which is too bad as it would be fun to rip around the back country dirt trails. Well, the BajaBoard is game-changing when it comes to tackling dirt roads on a skateboard.

bajaboard skateboard engine

The BajaBoard is a motorised skateboard that you can take off-road. This nice ride is equipped with four Rock Shocks in a dual wishbone-configured suspension. The suspension was designed to handle jumps and rough terrain. This means that you can tackle mud trails, sandy beaches, fields, rocky areas—or just about anywhere you want to go with ease. Large 10-inch pneumatic tires help you easily go over stumps and other debris.

The BajaBoard can reach speeds up to 48 km/h thanks to four high-torque electric motors. A removable lithium battery pack can provide up to 900 Wh of power, which allows the BajaBoard to travel nearly 29 km on a single charge.

bajaboard skateboard riding

A handheld wireless remote control is used to manage the regenerative braking and acceleration. This remote also features an LCD screen which displays lots of useful information, such as battery life, speed and throttle. Other features include a taillight and a 10-watt headlight for after dark use.

The BajaBoard is lightweight and compact, which makes it simple to carry it comfortably by hand. In spite of its lightweight design, the BajaBoard can carry up to 240 pounds.

Check it out

bajaboard skateboard riding in sea beach

bajaboard skateboard black

bajaboard skateboard four wheels

bajaboard skateboard side view

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