When an X-Games gold medalist releases a fitness system, you should probably pay attention. Eitan Kramer, the former medalist and current trainer, is the man behind the MorfBoard, an action sports inspired fitness system. The system is all about making fitness fun for the user. By applying the creative movement and style from sports like skating and surfing to free form fitness exercises, the system is designed to help you work out without feeling like you’re doing a chore.

morfboard smart modular system

It is a simple and smart modular system, comprised of a super strong deck with three ports, where different “X-Tensions” can be dropped in. This means that the board can basically function as a skateboard, a balance board, or a rebounder, and can be changed from function to function in seconds. The company has more X-tensions planned and expects to release more each year so the MorfBoard will keep you on your toes (no pun intended).

morfboard flow skate

morfboard flow reband

morfboard flow bounce

morfboard flow balance

morfboard cmf switch

morfboard cmf flow

morfboard sideskate

morfboard pushout

morfboard lunge

morfboard jump

morfboard holding

morfboard men trying balance

morfboard balance on ground