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Victorinox Drops the Hammer on 8th Alox Limited Edition Collection

Victorinox has you covered if you’re looking for a new everyday carry but can’t decide exactly what you want. Their eighth annual Alox Limited Edition 2022 comes with a trio of choices—the Classic SD, the Pioneer X, and the Hunter Pro. Each offers plenty of functionality as well as stylish good looks, not to mention a healthy dose of durability.

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The Classic SD offers a blade of 2.3 inches combined with a nail file, a screwdriver, scissors, and a keyring for those days when you have simple tasks to take care of. And on those days when you have a bit more to worry about, you can take the Pioneer X, which offers a large blade, scissors, a reamer and punch, a can opener with a 3mm screwdriver, a wire stripper, and a key ring.

And what about those days when you just need a classic folding knife? The Hunter Pro is a sleek, handy option. In addition to the large blade, the Hunter Pro also comes with a lanyard hole, a paracord pendant, and a pocket clip.

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Image: Victorinox

Each of the knives in the Alox Limited Edition 2022 features a ribbed surface with scales punched out of aluminium. The scales are also embossed before going through an anodization process using Eloxal. This process creates a protective layer for the scales and gives them a distinctive colour—Thunder Gray.

A layer of oxide is also hardened onto the knives to help protect against damage and corrosion. Each knife also has the year printed on the back and comes in a sophisticated black gift box. This marks the eighth instalment of the series, which was begun in 2015. You can pick up these special edition blades from Victorinox. The Classic SD is priced at USD$43, the Pioneer X at USD$75, and the Hunter Pro at USD$130.

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Image: Victorinox

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