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Worlds most powerful chainsaw in use

Meet the World’s Most Powerful Battery-Powered Chainsaw

We’ve done it with cars, bikes, headphones, and vacuums, why not chainsaws? That’s the thinking over at leading power tool manufacturer STIHL, which has just released the world’s first professional-grade battery-powered chainsaw. It goes by the name of MSA 300 C-O (AU$1,289.00) and meets the same performance standards as its petrol-powered brethren, setting global benchmarks in the process. It’s also one of two new models to join the brand’s growing AP battery range of cordless power tools, each one designed to get the job done on a single charge for pros and homeowners alike. Welcome to the family!

Running on STIHL’s most powerful battery to date—the mighty AP 500 S—the MSA 300 C-O Chainsaw is aimed squarely at arborists and other outdoor professionals. It comes fitted with a standard 16″ bar but can be effortlessly customised according to individual preference (while 14″ and 18″ guide bars are also available). The speed is similarly adjustable, with users being able to switch between three different settings at the touch of a button.

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Stihl ap 500 in use
Stihl MSA 300 C-O | Image: Stihl

Bring the MSA 300 C-O to life and behold the performance of its RS Pro chain, which cuts at a 20 per cent faster rate than the normal RS chain. And while you’d rightly expect some serious vibration during use, STIHL nips that in the bud by way of a full anti-vibration system, the first to appear on a battery-powered chainsaw. That’s joined by a variety of additional comfort and safety features, including an adjustable chain oil pump, captive sprocket nuts, tool-free oil cap, and magnesium components.

STIHL’s MSA 300 C-O certainly delivers the brawn, but it’s also huge on brains. Not only does it display important status information and other notifications on the rear handle, but it uses a smart connector to relay vital data to an app on the user’s phone. There’s also a built-in smart system that detects performance conditions and reacts accordingly. Should the battery run out or the chainsaw overheat, for example, the smart system will automatically de-rate the motor so that users can complete the cut.

Worlds most powerful battery powered chainsaw
Stihl MSA 300 C-O | Image: Stihl

STIHL Australia Product and Training Manager Josh Davies said, “We’re excited to introduce our most powerful battery-powered chainsaw to date, the MSA 300 C-O, which enhances the capability of our battery-powered range for arborist professionals.”

Cordless freedom plus a long-lasting battery plus smart features plus durable components plus an optimised RS Pro chain equals the most powerful battery-powered chainsaw to date. It’s currently available across STIHL’s 650 local dealers throughout Australia. For all the arborists out there, meet your new best friend.

Stihl ap 500 s display top down
Stihl MSA 300 C-O | Image: Stihl

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