Aston Martin Proves it’s Not Afraid to Change Lanes with the DBX

It was way back in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show that we first saw Aston Martin hint at a foray into the luxury sports SUV market. Since then a lot has changed, but the name has stayed the same. Fast-forward to 2020 and this concept has, finally, become a reality. Allow us to introduce the all-new Aston Martin DBX.

We got a chance to get a first look at the all-new DBX at Aston Martin’s Sydney Showroom this morning. Here are our first impressions.

Quick Facts

Cost: AU $357,000
Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 producing 405kw and 700Nm
0-100kmh: 4.5 seconds
Top speed: 291km/h
Fuel consumption: 12.3L/100km (WLTP average estimate)

Designed by Aston’s creative maestro Marek Reichman, the first thing we noticed about the DBX was its silhouette. From the outside at least, the DBX is still inherently an Aston Martin. From the Manta Ray grille, that pays homage to the DBS, to the all too familiar elongated lines that run from the bonnet flaring out towards its tail – the DBX illustrates a fresh take on the unmistakable style we’ve come to know and love from Aston Martin.

And it’s this rejuvenative approach to design that we can see being applied across the board with the DBX. Under the hood, you’ll find uniquely tuned 4-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine boasting 405kW (or 550hp for you oldies) and a top speed of 291km/h. Off the line, you’ll get from 0-100km/h in a modest 4.5 seconds. Not too shabby for a car weighing a hair under 2,250kgs.

Nicknamed the Tardis, the inside of the DBX is nothing if not luxurious. A cocoon of leather and glass, the DBX’s class-leading headroom and legroom provide equal space and comfort whether you’re sitting in the front of the rear of the car. Throw in 632 litres (or four full-sized golf bags) worth of boot space and this Aston Martin has just become a viable everyday car.

We’re still yet to experience the Aston Martin DBX on the road to draw any conclusions on handling and suspension. But, we can tell you the DBX will feature all safety features and an all-new air suspension as standard.

Unfortunately, if you’re in the market and have a spare quarter of a million dollars (and some) lying around, you’re gonna have to wait in line. Over 1800 units have already been sold making it the fastest-selling Aston of all time. The first consumer cars will arrive in the second half of this year and they will be built in a brand spanking new, purpose-built factory just outside of Cardiff, Wales.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an announcement as big as this from Aston Martin. For a company that has gone bankrupt six-times since 1913, many believe that the DBX will be the car to keep them above water. Today’s luxury car market is asking for more than just a Sunday car and if recent years have proved anything, there’s an insatiable desire for luxury SUVs. With that said, whilst the DBX beckons in a new era for the iconic British marque, as far as we can see, this model’s core is still deeply rooted in Aston Martin’s timeless ethos.

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