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115m Storebreaker Superyacht side view

115m Stormbreaker Superyacht is Built for the Off-gridder

Finding your niche can be a difficult thing. For those lucky few who do, it can be an opportunity to showcase to the world what you’re capable of. For Theodoros Fotiadis, superyacht and architectural design is his niche, and he has been showing the world not only his incredible skill set, but also what can be done with luxurious superyachts. His 115 meter Stormbreaker is a perfect example of what Fotiadis calls “bespoke design solutions.”

115m Storebreaker Superyacht helipad in view deck

Stormbreaker features sharp lines and angles, a real departure from the more swooping and curved lines of typical superyachts. The sharper approach gives the Stormbreaker a more aggressive look and feel, making it seem adventurous, even as it is filled with comfort and luxury. The superyacht is outfitted with multiple helicopter pads as well as a helicopter hanger, which plays right into that adventurous explorer vibe. In fact, Stormbreaker has been described as the “next level of go-anywhere explorer,” and is built for the owner who has a hankering to “conquer the elements, explore the world, and experience the exhilaration and tranquility of global yachting first hand.”

115m Storebreaker Superyacht lounge view

A large portion of the yacht is done in glass siding, with windows that comprise almost a third of the ship’s total surface area. On the interior, a central spiral staircase connects multiple stories and also acts as a lounge and art gallery. The yacht features an advanced level of connectivity thanks to its state of the art communications system, which can provide high bandwidth internet connection. The owner will also find a large tender garage that can house smaller boats and a submarine, a beach club, a spa-gym complex, a cigar lounge, an observation deck, a pool, and a library. The powerhouse of the yacht is a hybrid diesel-electric engine, which, combined with the yacht’s other features, makes it a “bottomless toy chest” with “efficient propulsion and long range capability.” Fotiadis explains that “this yacht is for people who enjoy going off the grid and experiencing something unique every time they are on board. A very different muse to more traditional cruising.”

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115m Storebreaker Superyacht stairway
115m Storebreaker Superyacht top deck view
115m Storebreaker Superyacht with private helicopter
115m Storebreaker Superyacht back view
115m Storebreaker Superyacht