1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupe

The Aston Martin DB2 was a popular car, but the complaint most often raised against it was the cramped quarters. In response, Aston Martin came out with the DB2/4—a four-seat version of the coupe. Frank Feeley designed the new car, enlarging the rear window while he was adding in the extra seats. He also added in a hatchback-like opening, which was not only useful, but ahead of its time. Feeley’s design included a wraparound windscreen, larger front and rear bumpers with over-riders, and putting the headlights in a different location.

front view aston martin

While the body was reworked, the engine stayed relatively the same. The dual overhead-cam straight-six Lagonda engine used in the Vantage DB2s were used in the DB2/4s. In 1953, the new 3.0 litre Lagonda was installed. With that bigger engine, the DB2/4 could hit 100 miles per hour in the third gear, and topped out at 120 miles per hour. Only 761 of the DB2/4s were created, and of that number, only 102 were drophead coupes.

back view aston martin

RM Sotheby’s is auctioning one of those drophead coupes. This model features a 2,922 cc DOHC six-cylinder engine with a four-speed manual transmission. The coupe is capable of 140 horsepower and has independent front suspension, live rear axle with parallel arms and coil springs, and four wheel drum brakes. As rare as this car is, it will fetch a handsome price—but remember, we’re talking Aston Martins, so no surprise there.

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1954 aston martin modern car