1972 Aston Martin V8 is a Cool Car and a Cooler Investment

Aston Martin has built over 1,100 DB4s. They’ve created similar numbers of DB5s and DB6s, so why did they only create 288 of the Series 2 AMV8s? It’s a mystery for the ages, especially when you consider what went into the V8.

Aston Martin V8 door open

The AMV8 has a bit of a misnomer, as the Series 1 of the “Aston Martin V8” was actually a DBSV8. When Series 2 rolled around, the “DB” designation was dropped, largely because Company Developments had taken over from David Brown. Company Developments continued the changes that Brown had already initiated, removing the four headlamp setup and replacing it with two 7-inch front headlamps flanking a black mesh grill. Series 2 was built between April 1972 and July 1973. The engine was similar to that of the DBS, with a Bosch fuel injection system replacing the carburetors.

Aston Martin V8 engine

With only 288 examples of this car being built, it’s a rare find. Carsales.com has an even rarer model up for auction. Listed as number 47 of 288, this car was reportedly built for one of the directors of Company Developments, and it was outfitted with a few non-standard accessories. First was the Vantage style front spoiler. Inside, number 47 also had a center console armrest. The 5340cc V8 engine was one of the fastest of its day, with a powerful 310 to 320 horsepower rating. It easily went from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just over 5 seconds, and it topped out at 280 kilometers per hour. Part of that additional power was the result of removing the Bosch mechanical fuel injection, which had proven troublesome. In its place there was a Haltec EFI, which has since been replaced with a Motec EFI. The current owner has also rebuilt the inside of the wheel arches, as well as rechroming the bumpers, and having the front seats reupholstered in Connolly hide.

Aston Martin V8 back view

The car is listed at $295,000, but represents a potential windfall of an investment when you consider that the price tag on DB4s and DB5s approach a million dollars, and they were produced in much larger quantities. As rare as the AMV8 is, and considering its place in Aston Martin history, this car could fetch much more.

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