2023 lamborghini revuelto

2024 Lamborghini Revuelto V12 Hybrid Revealed

Lamborghini has officially revealed its Aventador replacement, a plug-in hybrid V12 called the Lamborghini Revuelto. Formerly code-named the LB744, the Revuelto is based on brand-new architecture, sporting 13 drive modes, all-wheel drive, three electric motors, and more than 1000hp. We’ve previously detailed the car’s revolutionary eight-speed, double-clutch transverse gearbox and triple electric motor configuration, but let’s also take a look at the Revuelto’s exterior and interior design now.

Lamborghini Unveils Bonkers Final Naturally-Aspirated V12 Invencible and Auténticas.

2023 lamborghini revuelto feature

Lamborghini Revuelto | Image: Lamborghini

What Powers the Lamborghini Revuelto?

Power: 1015 CV (1000HP), 825 CV @ 9250 via. V12 engine alone.
Torque: 725 Nm @ 6750 rpm.
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds.
Top speed: more than 350 km/h.

It starts with a brand new 6.5-litre 12-cylinder internal combustion engine that’s mated to three electric motors and a ground-breaking wet double-clutch gearbox that makes its debut on the V12 Lamborghini (no more single-clutch neck snaps). Interestingly, this gearbox is mounted transversely and placed behind the combustion engine for the first time, making room for lithium-ion batteries inside the transmission tunnel.

The new L545 engine itself is an engineering masterpiece. It’s rotated 180 degrees compared to the Aventador, and while it has a capacity of 6.5 litres, it weighs just 218kg (17kg less than the Aventador unit). The brand hasn’t shared how much the Revuelto weighs, but with a little quick maths thanks to the power-to-weight ratio of 1.75kg per horsepower, we see that the car weighs around 1,780kg (around 250kg more than the Aventador). Not bad at all when you factor in the new battery and electric motors.

It goes further, the engine alone produces more than 800HP and revs to 9500 rpm. Per cylinder outputs are marked at 126HP per litre, the highest output in the history of Lamborghini V12s.

2023 lamborghini revuelto top down

Lamborghini Revuelto | Image: Lamborghini

Most importantly, the V12 sound will remain with Lamborghini paying specific attention to the ‘soundtrack’ of the new engine. Of course, emissions mean it won’t scream like an Aventador from a decade ago. However, we’d expect plenty of intake noise inside the cabin of a similar nature to the Huracan STO and even the Porsche GT4 RS. Lamborghini says the tone is “melodious” at low revs before “rising to a natural harmonious crescendo.”

As mentioned, the transmission tunnel now lays claim to the lithium-ion high specific power (4500 W/kg) battery pack that’s mounted low to retain the centre of gravity. The battery is connected to the front electric motors, the rear electric motor, and an integrated recharging unit while being protected by a lower structural layer.

This isn’t a typical ‘plug-in hybrid’ like those from the brand’s main competitor, although you can indeed ‘plug it in’. The battery itself has a very-small overall capacity of just 3.8 kWh, so don’t expect much range. You can recharge the battery using both ordinary domestic alternating and charging column current up to 7 kW in power, this results in a complete recharge in 30 minutes. Regenerative braking is also possible through the front wheels or the V12 engine itself in 6 minutes.

2023 lamborghini revuelto rear three quarter angle

Lamborghini Revuelto | Image: Lamborghini

How Does the Lamborghini Revuelto Look?

Like all modern cars, the Lamborghini Revuelto has been designed in a lab to create perfect aerodynamic balance. However, that hasn’t detracted from the overall look of the car and we think it’s stunning. Specifically, the new design has increased the front aerodynamic load by 33% and the rear load by 74% compared to the Aventador Ultimae (under maximum load conditions).

You’ll be glad to hear that the vertically-opening scissor doors remain, derived from the original Lamborghini Countach prototype. Going further, the Lamborghini Revuelto sets its proportions around a single longitudinal line, the basis for a style that began in the Space Age but continues today with the next generation Lamborghini flagship. The muscular front end is a tribute to the Murcielago, while the floating blade on the rear fender is all Diablo.

“The Revuelto is adrenaline made visible,” said Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s Head of Design. The design of the new Lamborghini Revuelto opens a fascinating door towards the future of our unique design language. At first sight, Revuelto is an intriguing next-generation Lamborghini V12, with all lines embracing the monocoque and celebrating a free view towards the V12 HPEV powertrain.

2023 lamborghini revuelto side vent

Lamborghini Revuelto | Image: Lamborghini

At the front of the car, headlamp clusters feature the trademark Y-shape daytime running lights that are framed by aerodynamic blades that connect the splitter to the hood itself. Side fins behind the front wheels channel the airflow along the sides of the car and into the concavities of the doors to the side air intakes, which feature sharp edges that echo the arrows on the front. Finally, the rear of the car features the double hexagonal exhausts carried across from the LB744 prototype alongside an adjustable rear wing.

In terms of structural rigidity, the Revuelto’s monofuselage is 10% lighter than the Aventador chassis, and the front frame is 20% lighter than its aluminium predecessor.

2023 lamborghini revuelto interior

Lamborghini Revuelto | Image: Lamborghini

What’s the Lamborghini Revuelto Like on the Inside?

Continuing the Space Age pilot’s theme, the interior of the Lamborghini Revuelto features a carbon-fibre spaceship design, while the technological heart sits inside an 8.4-inch vertical touchscreen.

In a similar theme to cars like the Porsche Taycan, the Lamborghini Revuelto offers a shared driving experience with a 12.3-inch digital cockpit on the driver’s side and on a 9.1-inch display installed on the passenger-side dashboard. A swipe function has been introduced to allow the driver and passenger “co-pilot” to move information from the central display to the side displays like a smartphone.

Space has been improved on the interior, with 26mm more headroom than the Aventador Ultimae for fitting helmets on track. The new monofuselage design offers 84mm more legroom for increased luggage space in the back (including a large golf bag), while the front hood has enough space for two cabin trolleys. Even the passenger gets a cupholder!

2023 lamborghini revuelto rear exhausts

Lamborghini Revuelto | Image: Lamborghini

Is the Lamborghini Revuelto Coming to Australia?

Lamborghini customers will be treated to more than 400 colours at launch, with the Revuelto configurator now available online. It’s too early to say exactly when the first Lamborghini Revuelto will be coming to Australia, but expect plenty of coverage from us at Man of Many when it launches Downunder. More information can be found on the Lamborghini website via the link below.

Check out the Lamborghini Revuelto

2023 lamborghini revuelto seat logo

| Image: Lamborghini

2023 lamborghini revuelto start button

| Image: Lamborghini

Hexagonal exhausts

| Image: Lamborghini

Engine cover

| Image: Lamborghini

2023 lamborghini revuelto steering wheel

| Image: Lamborghini

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