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AC Schnitzer Imagine What a G80 M3 GTS Might Look Like

We love, love, love, loveeee the new BMW G80 M3 and it’s still one of the best cars we’ve driven this year. It’s fast, dynamic and you can drive it every day, but that’s never going to stop owners from applying their own personal touches to the car and really make it something special. Tuning company AC Schnitzer has taken the platform one step further and mildly tweaked the engine and chassis in hope of creating the ultimate G80 M3. Is this what’s in store for the inevitable arrival of the M3 GTS? More than likely.

AC Schnitzer BMW M3 G80 Specifications

Engine: 3.0-litre 6-cyl turbo
Power: 434 kW (from 375kw)
Torque: 750 Nm (from 553nm)
Wheels: 20 x 10inch
Tires: Front 285/30 R 20, rear 295/30 R 20

Bmw m3 ac schnitzer rearend

Image: AC Schnitzer

Have a look in any petrol heads garage and his lineup of vehicles likely includes a few small modified pieces. An exhaust, wheels, splitters, lowering springs and a tune can really liven up a car and make it look unique in the process. Tuning companies offer the parts that owners look for and when it comes to European manufacturers names such as AC Schnitzer stand out as some of the best. And their current aftermarket parts list for the G80 BMW M3 raises the bar again.

Starting at the front of the car, the tuner has extracted a few extra ponies from the M3 Competition’s straight-six engine and raised power from 503 hp (375 kW) and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque to 582 hp (434 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. Most importantly for the owner of one of these AU$180,000 weapons, all of which also comes with a warranty of up to four years. Although, good luck passing emissions and getting the all-clear from the RMS in Australia – but that’s another wormhole we aren’t going to go down. We recommend you stick to the exterior and suspension parts, of which there are plenty.

Suspension and rebound are adjustable through the RS coil-overs that lower the car by 15-20mm. Those of us with bad backs shouldn’t worry either, AC Schnitzer has promised the suspension is geared towards fast lap times, not stiffness. What they would refer to as “good-natured load change reactions and gentle understeer at the limits.” Sounds good to us.

Bmw m3 ac schnitzer wheels

Image: AC Schnitzer

There is a myriad of carbon and reinforced plastic pieces that can be installed onto the exterior of the vehicle to aid with traction through corners and increase downforce. Take the front-splitter, this alone increases downforce by up to 40 kg at 200 km/h. Yes, functional aero, take that VW Golf driver. Down the side of the car, you’ll find four individual canards on the front end, and you’d better hope they’re functional because they’re far from sight for sore eyes. At the rear, a far more tasteful roof spoiler adds another 20 kg of traction and a new Carbon rear wing with a gurney flap adds another 70 kg.

Forged lightweight wheels in true AC Schnitzer style decrease unsprung weight and measure in at 20 x 10 square. Tyres are a staggered setup with wider 295/30 R 20 in the rear and 285/30 R 20 upfront. This aids turn in and induce manageable amounts of understeer when exploring the limit. A steering wheel with Alcantara inserts and bigger paddles make its way into the interior.

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