Aston Martin DB MK III Saloon is the Brand’s Heavyweight

The Aston Martin DB MK III Saloon was produced for only just over two years, from 1957 to 1959, and actuall overlapped the production of the DB4 by seven months. . The MK III marked the final development of the Claude Hill chassis, which first appeared in the Atom. The MK III was fitted with Aston Martin’s standard 3 liter with twin SU carbs engine. The engine was rated at 162 horsepower, but modifying the exhaust into a dual exhaust could add a few more horses, bringing the total to 178 horsepower. A special version of the engine reserved for the DBB version featured three twin choke Webers, twin exhausts, and special camshafts and was capable of 195 horsepower. And because two is not enough, a third engine option was also available with three SU carbs that could produce 180 horsepower. The production of all variants was limited to 551 cars.

The MK III was the heaviest of all the Feltham cars, outweighing the closest by about 160kg. However, with the extra power in the engine, this extra weight didn’t mean much. The MK III still became a popular racecar, even though the Aston Martin factory never raced the MK III in lieu of continuing to use the DBR1.

With only 551 examples produced, the listing of a MK III with Gooding and Company is a rarity. Making it even more unique, the listing is for a left hand drive car—one of only approximately 25 built.

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