Aston Martin DBZ Centenary Collection Debuts

Aston Martin debuted its DBZ Centenary Collection at the inaugural Audrain’s Newport Concours in Rhode Island. Making up the collection is the DBS GT Zagato and DB4 GT Zagato Continuation.

Aston Martin front view

The DBS Zagato, according to Aston Martin, is the “first automotive application of configurable carbon and metal 3D-printed interior finishes.” The 3D printing is used on the gold stainless steel, which takes nearly 100 hours just to print, and then it’s off to polishing. Based on the DBS Superleggera, the DBS GT Zagato comes with a grille that has been revised to have sharp-edged opening slats.

A more notable crease runs down the sides of the GT. The redesigned tail has circular taillights and complements the double-bubble roof. The front and rear badges are done in 18-carat gold. Inside, Aston Martin employs plenty of Caithness Spicy Red leather, while the trim is done in carbon fibre and the aforementioned textured gold elements.

Aston Martin back view

“The design studio at Aston Martin has risen to the task magnificently, working alongside Andrea (Zagato) and his team,” states Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman. “They have taken the already fabulous DBS Superleggera and shaped it into something which retains its Aston Martin identity, yet expresses itself as only a Zagato can.” For power, the GT relies on a 5.2L twin-turbo V12 that is capable of 760 horsepower.

The Zagato Continuation is based on the 1960s race car, of which only 19 were ever made. Following in the same vein, the Continuation will also only see 19 examples. Built by Aston Martin’s Heritage Division, headquartered in Buckinghamshire, the cars are completely faithful to the original, including hand shaping the aluminium body panels. There are a few new items, such as the leather-trimmed racing seats, which are made of carbon fibre. Under the hood, there’s a 4.7L replacing the 3.7L inline-six. It also comes with a four-speed manual transmission.

Aston Martin side view vehicle

The pair of cars can be had for £6 million, or approximately $7.374 million based on current exchange rates.

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Aston Martin DBZ Centenary Collection