Aston Martin Introduces Lagonda Vision Concept at Geneva Motorshow

Standing out amidst a bevy of forward-thinking ideas at the Geneva Motorshow is Aston Martin’s new Lagonda ‘Vision Concept’. Gorgeous inside and out, the slick-looking stunner is being touted as the first luxury brand car to house zero-emission powertrain technologies. While just a concept for now, the Lagonda is no mere pipe dream. In fact, Aston Martin plans to start production on this beautiful machine as early as 2021. The future is looking bright, indeed.

aston martin lagonda vision front

Flaunting luxury and technology in equal measure, the Aston Martin Lagonda is simply rife with innovation. In addition to its zero-emission powertrain, the sleek car will feature autonomous driving technology and a downright roomy interior. What you won’t find is a Parthenon grille, a bonnet, an oversized frontal area and all the other specs that might one day be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the car keeps its solid state electric batteries under the floorboard.

aston martin lagonda vision seats

Suffice to say, such streamlined efficiency opens up a lot of space, though the interior tastefully stops short of being opulent or excessive. Of course, that doesn’t mean it lacks the elegant touch, such as hand woven wool upholstery, silk carpets, a carbon fibre trim and ceramic tiles to control ventilation and music alike. Also featured is a roof section that opens upward, allowing occupants to stand up inside the car. Along similar lines, the front seats rest on cantilevered arms, which extend from the floor outside the seat frame to exude an adjustable armchair-like vibe.

aston martin lagonda vision inside

Aston Martin is discernibly excited about the Lagonda’s potential. They plan to get the ball rolling with two models–a coupe and an SUV–and then grow out from there. Each instalment will feature a bold exterior, commodious interior, and copious amounts of choice. Opt to drive yourself or leave it in the computer’s hands. Either way you’re riding in 21st century style.

Check it out

aston martin lagonda vision top

aston martin lagonda vision side

aston martin lagonda vision beautiful design

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