Aston Martin Recreates Iconic James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ DB5

1964’s Goldfinger might have been the third James Bond film, but it was the first to introduce an Aston Martin car into the franchise universe. The two entities have enjoyed a downright symbiotic relationship in the time since, to the delight of numerous fans. For the wealthiest among those fans, Aston Martin Works–in collaboration with EON Productions–is bringing back the DB5 by way of a special continuation project. Limited to a mere 25 units, the car will even include working gadgets. The result might not be road legal, but we say it’s worth the £2.75m anyway.

aston martin db5 goldfinger on the road

True to its price tag, the Goldfinger DB5 brings an iconic classic roaring back to life, with only a few tweaks and modifications added for dependability purposes. Otherwise, this is the real deal, i.e. an authentic recreation that might as well have driven directly off the big screen. As for those aforementioned gadgets (including a revolving license plate), they’re being co-developed by Chris Corbould, the Oscar-winning special effects supervisor on a number of Bond films. Also worth noting is that each and every car will host the same Silver Birch paintwork as the original model.

aston martin db5 goldfinger rear

The DB5 debuted in Goldfinger, but it also made subsequent appearances in six additional Bond movies, including Thunderball, Goldeneye, and Skyfall. Indeed, both the car and the franchise have remained perennially popular over the course of decades. Now, 25 lucky gents can own an authentic reproduction of the first Aston Martin to appear in a Bond film, and one of the most enduring Bond films of them all, no less. Consider it the next best thing to being Bond himself. Customers should expect the first models to arrive starting in 2020.

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