Aston Martin Unveils Valkyrie AMR Pro Hypercar At Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motorshow is officially underway, and by all indications this is going to be a remarkable year for the automotive industry. Indeed, cars and other motor vehicles have never been sharper or smarter. Then you have the new Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercar, which takes sharpness and innovation beyond the threshold of sanity. This track-only stunner is so sleek and swift that if you blink you might miss it. Heck, even the winged Norse warriors from which the car derives its name would have a hard time keeping up.

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To actualise their new AMR Pro, Aston Martin expanded upon the Valkyrie’s formidable foundations. The result is a sexy, curvaceous hypercar that takes the concept of fast and furious to some unparalleled places. Not only does the AMR Pro deliver over 1100 bhp by way of a hybrid V12 powertrain, but this aerodynamic beast generates over 1000kg in downforce, exceeding the highly sought after 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

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To achieve such a feat, Aston Martin’s engineers employed lightweight carbon fibre on the bodywork, lengthened the front and rear wing elements, and removed the Valkyrie’s road-car amenities like the heater and infotainment screen. Next, they incorporated lightweight components like a polycarbonate windscreen, carbon fibre suspension wishbones, moulded race seats and a lighter exhaust system. To seal the deal, they tweaked the calibration on the 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine’s emission control systems, and re-programmed the Energy Recovery System software. As a result, the AMR Pro is not only able to realise that desirable power-to-weight ratio, but furthermore exceed a lateral acceleration of 3G, and reach 225 mph even in high-downforce track configuration.

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Christian Horner, Team Principal of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, declared: “It is hugely rewarding to see the Valkyrie AMR Pro unveiled here in Geneva, another evolutionary step in the relationship between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. We set out together with an ambitious and pioneering road map to create something extraordinary in partnership, and the Valkyrie AMR Pro is yet another turn of that wheel.”

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Only 25 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pros will be produced, and each one is already sold out. Lucky owners should expect delivery some time in 2020.

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