Barry Weir’s 2014 Aston Martin Jet Could Be Yours

Barry Weir had a dream that he turned into a reality. “Every car enthusiast’s dream and one man’s reality: to design and build one’s own supercar.” That car was an Aston Martin supercar that Weir tuned to his own specifications and transformed to match his vision. The 2014 Aston Martin Jet is that car, and it could be yours.

In a twist of fate, Weir was able to obtain not only the moulds but also the full-size clay model used to make the Aston Martin Shooting Brake Jet 2+2. The design for that car came from Italian design studio Bertone. Weir had his own hand in developing that car, which was based on the Rapide and was made with a full-length self-tinting glass roof and a sliding rear floor. Only 10 examples of the car were made available to Aston Martin’s most loyal customers, but when Bertone folded in bankruptcy, plans for the car ended with just one example being made. After Weir was able to acquire the moulds and model, as well as the car and the registered number plate “Jet 2,” he decided to sell them together. The bonus of this purchase? Not only would you get a one-off car, you could also theoretically start producing your own Shooting Brakes.

“It was a halo car for Aston Martin,” explains Weir. “At the time, it was the fastest shooting brake in the world at 200mph, reaching 60mph in about 5.3 seconds. Part of me would love to see it reproduced but another part likes the idea that it remains a unique one-off as part of the automobile and Aston Martin history.” The choice of whether to create more or ensure that no one else ever does, of course, will lie with whoever purchases the listing, which can be found on Classic Mobilia’s internet site.

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Aston Martin Jet Barry Weir steering wheel

Aston Martin Jet Barry Weir car seat

2014 Aston Martin Jet Barry Weir Custom Built