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‘Windscreen Display’: How BMW Panoramic Vision Will Revolutionise Your Head-up Display

Teased alongside the i Vision Dee, BMW is betting on the future of head-up display technology with the launch of its Panoramic Vision display that’s due to arrive in NEUE KLASSE models from 2025.

Designed to fill the full length of the front windscreen, you’re probably already asking yourself about the practical implementation of such a technology. First giant touchscreens, and now giant head-up displays? It might be illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in Australia, but it seems these giant static displays are yet to be legislated in any way down under.

A full projector display across the windscreen, no worries says BMW. Stating that the application is all about safety, and taking its “eyes on the road – hands on the wheel slogan to a new level.” We’re not so sure.

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Bmw i vision dee feature

BMW i Vision Dee | Image: BMW

Panoramic Vision shows information that’s relevant for the driver and passengers with higher light intensity and contrasts onto a dark-coated area at the lower edge of the windscreen. Impressive, but not quite as intense as that shown on the aforementioned BMW i Vision Dee.

Call us sceptics, but we’re yet to imagine a practical application for a giant head-up display that sits outside the idea of ‘boundary pushing’ for the sake of ‘boundary pushing’. However, Frank Weber, a Member of the Board for Development at BMW AG, describes the main advantages of this new head-up display as follows.

“The windscreen becomes a single large display with our new BMW Panoramic Vision, opening up completely new possibilities for the design of our vehicles. Whether the driver decides which information they want to display in their own field of vision, or that all occupants can see the entire content. The revolutionary projection and the significantly more clearly structured cockpit give an impressive new feeling of space and driving.”

We’ll see this new technology enter NEUE KLASSE models – a name BMW is using to refer to the company’s pioneering models of the 1960s, and now those that we see today – as the platforms progress into fruition. More details surrounding these models will trickle out over the next few months in the lead-up to IAA Mobility 2023 where BMW will unveil its biggest project in years.

Check out the i VISION DEE

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