Bugatti chiron super sport 'golden era'

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ is Literally a Work of Art

Bugatti has been known for creating some unique one-offs but this one takes the cake in terms of the idea and execution. Meet the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ and it is quite literally a brand-new Chiron Sport being used as a canvas for handmade sketches drawn on the body of the car. This rather daunting task took over 400 painstaking hours and actual pencils were used to draw these sketches on the car.

All of this started with the ‘Bugatti Sur Mesure’ where buyers can create a bespoke car with infinite levels of customizations. In this case, a Bugatti collector wanted a Chiron Sport to be used as a canvas to depict the Bugatti history and the legacy of the W16 engine which would be soon laid to rest. 

According to Bugatti, the ‘Golden Era’ happens to be the most demanding project undertaken by them and it is not hard to see why.

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Bugatti chiron super sport 'golden era' rear three quarter
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ | Image: Supplied

On either side of the Chiron Super Sport, detailed sketches were painted depicting the history of the marque. On the passenger side, 26 sketches were drawn showing their iconic cars like the Type 41 Royale and the Type 57 SC Atlantic. Meanwhile, on the driver’s side, 19 sketches show the rebirth of Bugatti since 1987, right from the EB110, through the Veyron and Chiron. Of course, there’s also a drawing of the W16 which takes the centrepiece.

The brand has introduced a new bespoke gold colour called ‘Doré’, which has been applied to the car with a gradient colour split into a metallic ‘Nocturne Black’.

Not just on the exterior but even on the interior you will find hand-painted Bugatti icons on the panels along with a bespoke paint and fine paint brush that would allow the design team to draw directly onto the leather. 

Bugatti Managing Director, Hendrik Malinowski, says: “Sur Mesure literally translates as tailored and it is this complete ultra-luxury customer-centric approach to car design that really sets it apart.”

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“Our teams will work hand-in-hand with our customers to craft exactly what they want, and then work closely with them over the course of months or even years to transform it into a reality. Each step, every decision and – in the case of the Golden Era – every stroke of the pencil, was completed with the close oversight and input of the owner to exceed his expectations in a way that no other brand is able to do.”

Bugatti has not mentioned the price but it would be fair to say that it would be a lot more than what a ‘standard’ Chiron Sport would cost. However, for the owner and for the rest of us mere mortals, this is indeed a rolling sculpture and a unique way to tell an intriguing history of a revered brand.

Bugatti will showcase the Chiron Super Sport Golden Era at the Monterey Car Week where the owner will take delivery. Lucky chap!

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