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Charge mustang

Charge 1967 Ford Mustang is All-Electric Sex on Wheels

The latest to come out of the Charge Cars in Britain is easily their greatest creation yet. An all-electric 1967 Ford Mustang sporting an officially licensed shell and all the EV gizmos that finally add a touch of reliability to an otherwise gorgeous piece of kit. There are a few caveats, however, including a ridiculously expensive $600,000 AUD price tag, a maximum range of only 200 miles, and 50kW DC charging. Want one? Better get your name down quick, the Charge Mustang is limited to just 499 units and Tyrese probably bought half of them already.

 Charge Mustang Specifications
Battery capacity64kWh
DC charging50kW
Drive typeAiWD

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Charge mustang side angle
Image: Charge

The 1967 Ford Mustang is arguably the most iconic muscle car of all time and Charge Cars looks to change everything but the exterior design on this all-electric number. Starting with the “officially licensed shell” the vehicle aims to preserve the classic design and styling of the legendary Ford Mustang while adding a few carbon-less kilowatts in the process – 400kW to be exact.

Powering the Charge Mustang are motors, batteries and other components from partner Arrival (who’s been working with Uber). The concept of drop-in EV swaps has been floated ever since the arrival of the Tesla Model S, however, companies such as Charge Cars are leading the pack with efficient solutions. Images below outline just how compact these components are and hint at the future of vintage EV conversions. While we’d argue special models and motors from vehicles like the Chevrolet Chevelle SS should be left alone, heritage Mustangs are dying for a new lease on life, and we’re not talking about LS conversions here.

Impressive in its own right is the interior that features “bespoke” options with rich details and modern applications including a Tesla-style centre screen that we could really do without in a vintage car like this. Prices for the EV start from a whopping £350,000 ($600,000 AUD), however, could increase depending on specification. At that price, we’d expect to see them plenty on the streets of LA.

Check it out

Image: Charge
Charge mustang interior
Image: Charge
Charge mustang seats
Image: Charge
Charge mustang steering wheel
Image: Charge
Front seats
Image: Charge
Charge mustang parcel tray
Image: Charge
Charge mustang interior screen
Image: Charge
Image: Charge
Image: Charge

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