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Daniel Arsham porsche 911 back view

Daniel Arsham Erodes a Porsche 911

Daniel Arsham’s contemporary art makes up a display at Selfridge’s department store in London. Titled “The House of Daniel Arsham,” the display is part of a “residency” that will be hosted by Selfridges Corner Shop throughout January. Several pieces of Arsham’s art will be up for sale, as well as exclusive collaborations with companies like Byredo, A-Cold-Wall, Dior Homme, and Smeg. Among the art is a fully drivable “eroded” Porsche 911.

Daniel Arsham porsche 911 front

Arsham’s work explores archaeology and the concept of time erosion. In creating his works, Arsham transforms everyday objects into artifacts that could be found in a geological dig decades from now. “I’ve always taken an approach with my work to try and reach audiences that are somewhat out of the typical art-viewing crowd,” explains Arsham. “It’s about placing artwork in a context that’s unexpected and something people wouldn’t typically find in a place like Selfridges.”

Daniel Arsham unveils his eroded porsche 911

Staying true to the concept, Arsham added his signature erosion look to the panels of the 911, making it look like the car had been through years of damage from the elements in the form of crystalized erosion. “I’ve always wanted to create a functional car that was degraded and eroded, but was still drivable. We took the entire thing apart and recast all of the sections… trying to piece that whole thing back together was crazy,” says Arsham.

Daniel Arsham porsche 911 vehicle

This particular project has been a lifelong dream for Arsham. “You know, when I was a kid we all made drawings of certain things and I was often drawing sneakers and cars. I have these very old drawings of these Eighties 911s and I got connected with the brand through a friend of mine about a year and a half ago and I started thinking about posing this project to them. They gave me one of the new cars before it came out and actually I created this artwork out of it. This opportunity arose with Selfridges, so I said, ‘OK, we’re going to park a Porsche in the store,’” Arsham told GQ Magazine.

Daniel Arsham porsche 911 side view

The display will be open through January 5, 2020, in the Selfridges Corner Shop space. Swing by to see the eroded Porsche 911 and other sculptures from the artist.

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