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Gordon murray automotive t 33 front slant

Gordon Murray’s $2.5 Million T.33 Supercar has Already Sold Out

Gordon Murray Automotive started off a series of cars with their T.50. Of course, few people ever had hope of owning one of those cars with its USD$2.5 million price tag. Fortunately, Gordon Murray is following up on that masterpiece with one that is a bit more affordable—only just a bit, though. The new Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 offers the buyer a supercar at the low price of just USD$1.85 million (AUD$2.58 million), and buyers are lining up.

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Gordon murray automotive t 33 side view

Image: Gordon Murray Automotive

According to reports, the T.22, the baby brother to the much-loved T.50 has already sold out. Limited to just 100 worldwide, the V12 supercar has exhausted allocations, with deposits placed on the entire production run less than a week after order books opened. Turns out little brother might be more than we bargained for.

While still an enormous spend, the T.33 makes a significant step down in price compared to its predecessor, but before you get too worried, there’s still plenty of performance to be had behind the wheel of the T.33. The new version keeps the naturally aspirated V12 engine, which you can have with the option of a manual transmission should you so prefer. The engine produces 607 horsepower and has a peak torque of 250 lb-ft. What you do lose out on is the T.50’s central diving position as well as its fan-assisted aerodynamics. You also don’t get the wings and intakes, but it’s still an exceedingly elegant looking car.

Gordon murray automotive t 33 interrior

Image: Gordon Murray Automotive

The T.33 is also slightly heavier than the T.50, which would point at the use of different material sin its construction. That being said, you still get a carbon body mounted to a central structure using honeycomb carbon-fiber panels with an aluminum framework. The suspension design calls for unequal lengths in the control arms, which are found at each corner and are mounted directly to the gearbox. The T.33 also uses adaptive dampers, but doesn’t have a rear anti-roll bar.

All that to say buyers will be getting a pretty good deal on this car—something Murray acknowledges “I may well have shot myself in the foot because we’ve pre-sold half the cars already and so far we’ve only had two people order a paddle shift,” says Murray. “I’ve committed myself to millions of pounds in development spend and I could end up with 97 manuals and three autos.” Of course, that might mean that you could have a manual version of this supercar for even less. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

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Gordon murray automotive t 33 back

Image: Gordon Murray Automotive