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2 hemi hellcat jeep

Insane 6-Wheeled ‘Hemi-Hellcat’ Jeep Sells for $300,000

For years, online marketplace eBay has been the go-to destination for random paraphernalia you can’t find anywhere else. From a ghost in a jar to a grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary on it, if you can think it up, someone on eBay is probably selling it. At least that is what one lucky Jeep fan encountered this week when they stumbled across a 2022 Jeep Gladiator Oculus Tron 6×6 – Hemi Hellcat. An ultra-rare behemoth of an off-road vehicle, the six-wheeled giant with a 6.2-litre V8 engine went under the hammer, generating a winning bid of USD$219,999 (AUD$303,000).

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6 hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps

Offered by South Florida Jeep customisation specialist, So Flo Jeeps, the brand new Apocalypse HellFire looks like something right out of Zombieland, or more accurately The Lost City with Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. As far as customisation goes, the Hemi Hellcat is about as innovative as it gets. What started out as a 2022 Wrangler has been fully reinvented, with South Florida Jeeps owner Joseph Ghattas confirming “the only thing still original are the four doors”.

Blacked-out and wholly intimidating, So Flo Jeeps claimed the truck can apparently get up to 110MPH, not that it has ever really been put through its paces. At present, the Hemi Hellcat has only 10 miles on the odometer, making it practically untested. Arriving complete with the special Oculus Tron front Grumper, the truck features a 750 horsepower Hemi engine, with Kevlar coated fenders, side steps, windshield protector, LED light bar headlights, along with a fully functional slant back top that is lockable to protect 8 ft steel bed.

4 hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps

For So Flo Jeeps, the recent sale showcases all the possibilities available when money isn’t an issue. The Jeep customiser offers three different motor options: a turbo diesel with 460 ft-lbs torque, a 6.4-litre V9 Hemi 392 and the aforementioned Hellcat engine. Naturally, the Hellcat sees the price jump up, but as to why someone would pay over $300,000 for a 6×6 Jeep with a boatload of unnecessary extras is anyone’s guess. If you see this beast on the road, however, you’re welcome to ask.

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3 hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps

5 hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps

Hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps

7 hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps

1 hemi hellcat jeep

Image: So Flo Jeeps