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Porsche F1 Partnership Revealed With Red Bull Buy-In Plans

New documents released by Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence (Competition Council) show Porsche is in the process of acquiring a 50% stake in Red Bull Technology, which manufactures the F1 team’s chassis. As first reported by Motorsport.com, the convoluted approval process for the partnership requires approval within the European Union as well as 20 countries outside of it, including Morocco, whose laws allowed the documents to be published publicly.

Specific details in the announcement were due to take place during the Austrian GP, however, the FIA World Motor Sport Council did not approve the engine regulations from 2026, which halted the process. Motor1.com reports an official announcement could happen as soon as August 4.

The extent to which Porsche will be involved with the Red Bull F1 operation remains pure speculation, however, many commentators believe the partnership will see Porsche and Red Bull Technology team up to develop a power unit to meet F1’s 2026 engine requirements.

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Porsche red bull f1 rendering from sean bull

Image: Behance | Sean Bull

Honda is currently under contract to manufacture engines for the Red Bull F1 team until 2025, but with Red Bull opening its own engine manufacturing company ‘Red Bull Powertrains’ in April 2022 – to spearhead development ahead of regulation changes in 2026 – there’s a scenario where Porsche co-develops engines with the brand.

In a statement to Formula1.com back in April, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner says the company have brought in “phenomenal talent” for a “super-exciting project.”

“As far as our own preparation, we are on target… We will move into our new facility in May and the first Red Bull engine will run on the dyno by the end of the year. They are making great progress, it’s exciting times, and it’s a super-exciting project,” said Horner.

“We’ve attracted some phenomenal talent from all corners of the industry. Yes, it’s a new chapter but 2026, while it seems a long way away, is actually a lot closer than you think.”

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Image: Behance | Sean Bull

On Thursday, when reports were starting to ramp up, Red Bull responded by issuing a statement to ESPN noting that Porsche’s involvement with its F1 team and newly launched powertrain division was “still under discussion”. Within that, however, the company acknowledged the final approval of the 2026 engine regulations, which is expected to be completed by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council in August. Finalised engine regulations are a prerequisite for Porsche to officially announce entry into Formula 1.

“Further to speculation that has been reported about a potential future involvement from Porsche into Red Bull Powertrains and Red Bull’s Formula One team. As has been previously stated, the companies remain engaged in constructive discussions,” the Red Bull statement said. “We all are looking forward to the satisfactory finalisation of the FIA’s various sporting, financial and technical regulations for 2026.”

In any case, Porsche hasn’t seen a Formula 1 car hit the starting grid since its first foray into the sport back in 1991 with the Footwork Arrows FA12. The car was a hodge-podge of a vehicle with a V12 engine so cumbersome the car had to be re-designed to install it properly. After failing to qualify in a number of races, the team switched drivers and engines – replacing the Porsche donk with the Ford-Cosworth DFR 3.5 litre V8 engine. The team’s best result was 10th, a far cry from their success in endurance racing at Le Mans with 19 overall victories and a total of 109 class wins in the GT Class.

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