Porsche Taycan VS Tesla Model S Head-To-Head in ‘Top Gear’ Drag Race

Make no mistake – you don’t need petrol to go quick…

This is primo viewing content. Two semi-sustainable beasts going head-to-head on an airport runway. Porsche’s Taycan Turbo S versus Tesla’s Model S. Both cars go zoom-zoom but it’s the Porsche that took home the drag race gold. Here’s how they match up on paper:

  • 0-60mph: Porsche 2.61 vs Tesla 2.68
  • 0-100mph: Porsche 6.12 vs Tesla 6.46
  • 1/4M: Porsche 10.69 vs Tesla 11.08
  • Power: Porsche 750bhp vs Tesla 754bhp
  • Weight: Porsche 2370kg vs Tesla 2241kg
  • Price: Porsche £138,826 vs Tesla £95,800

Towards the end of the clip the presenter takes a look at some of the more ‘practical’ aspects of the cars. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both great cars. Amazing, in fact. The Porsche, in true German style, even has a ‘winter mode’ where its motor will apply 20% more torque when it senses snow. But to be honest, Elon Musk is all over this shit. And his shit shits all over the Porsche. The Tesla is significantly cheaper, more torque-y, has way more boot and interior space, over-the-air updates, more power – the list goes on. It even has a fart app (yes, this car can pull pranks).

So, who’s King of the Bitumen Jungle? On paper, probably the Porsche, but in practice, maybe not. Decide for yourself.

Electric-engine at the ready… Hand on the gear stick… Launch-off. “Now we’re in first…still first…first again… Okay looks like we’re chillin’ in first, fellas.” As it turns out, you don’t need lots of gears to go quick, either. Interestingly enough, the Porsche has a single speed gear box. The Tesla has two gears and makes the switch at around 60mph.

These automobiles are fine works of mechanical artistry and are definitely worthy of a look. Check out the full Top Gear clip above to see how the two rides stack up against each other on the drag strip, the Autobahn, and at the charging station.