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Toyota land cruiser se front side angle

Toyota LAND CRUISER Se Electric Ushers in New Era for Off-Road Icon

The Toyota Land Cruiser is going electric and while purists will naturally scoff at this idea, the future custodian of this iconic nameplate will sport a sleeker seven-seater canvas. Set to debut in 2026, this is not merely a case of shoving batteries into the tried and tested current model as this concept has an entirely new monocoque architecture. Undoubtedly this will raise eyebrows amongst the off-road community but we are assured that the new Land Cruiser Se electric would stay faithful to the nameplate with an avalanche of off-road technology.

Toyota has not revealed many details as this is still very much a concept, but it says the LAND CRUISER Se will “broaden the Land Cruiser brand’s appeal with a three-row SUV that caters to the world’s diverse needs”.

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Toyota land cruiser se back side angle
Toyota LAND CRUISER Se | Image: Toyota

Hence, we’d expect dual motors and loads of torque while all-wheel drive gives it the ability to tackle the rough stuff. The Land Cruiser Se could also get a solid-state battery and that could give it more range – crucial to its off-road credentials. With a switch to a monocoque body, the LAND CRUISER Se is confirmed to have a 3,050 mm long wheelbase along with the promise of a spacious cabin. It’s also longer than the current Land Cruiser with a length of 5,150 mm (more than the new Kia EV9) and veers towards being a luxury family SUV.

We obviously need to discuss design and it is perhaps the most radical departure for the Land Cruiser name while also following a boxy design template albeit with a futuristic twist. Boxy wheel arches, slim LED lights and a blanked-off grille dominate the look here but the tapered roofline shows the new intent for this off-roader.

With seven seats it would be the most spacious Land Cruiser ever and the most road-biased although Toyota says that it will still live up to the off-road pedigree of its combustion engine predecessors.

When it eventually rocks up, it certainly will not be alone as many others are already entering the electric 4WD segment and hence, this will also be the biggest test for the hallowed nameplate.

Toyota land cruiser se offroad 1
Toyota LAND CRUISER Se | Image: Toyota

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