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Uber is Offering Aussies $1,300 to Go Car-Free for One Month

We Australians love our cars – just look at our automotive coverage here at Man of Many for proof of that – but even we can admit they dish out the punishment when it comes to the ol’ wallet. From the initial purchase price to rego, insurance, maintenance and petrol, the outlay never stops. So how would you feel about experiencing a car-free month? If that sounds appealing, Uber wants to hear from you as it’s challenging Australians to see if they can survive without their wheels for one whole month in exchange for AUD$1,300.

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Image: Uber

We have to admit, it sounds enticing. There have been times—often while standing at the petrol bowser—in which we’ve thought it might just be easier (i.e. cheaper) to ditch the car for good. Clearly we’re not alone, as new research from Uber has found that more than two in three Australians surveyed are concerned about the cost of owning a car. And it’s no wonder, as the research also revealed that Australian households spend an average of AUD$19,000 annually on car ownership.

To further explore this complicated relationship between car-loving Aussies and their four-wheeled friends, Uber is now launching a new social experiment called ‘One Less Car’ that’ll invite 50 people based in metro areas across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra to ditch their car (or possibly their second car) for four weeks.

In exchange for taking this leap, Uber will provide each participant with $1,300, but there’s a catch: the money can only be put towards a range of mobility options, including public transport, e-bikes, and point-to-point transport (like Uber, obviously).

For those who successfully apply for the study, Uber will survey you throughout the month in order to gain insight into any potential benefits that come with ditching the gas-guzzler. In addition to looking out for financial gains, you’ll also be fitted with personal health technology—hopefully not surgically—that will measure how the experience impacts your health and sense of wellbeing.

So, do you think you’re ready to try living without your own private set of wheels? And do you think using a mix of public transport and Uber will act as a workable substitute? If so, maybe see how much money you’ll save by being a car-free guinea pig for a month and sign up with Uber’s ‘One Less Car’ via the link below.

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Image: David Paul Morris/Getty Images