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Valteri bottas uber ute feature

Valtteri ‘Bogan’ Bottas and Uber Have Created Their Ultimate Feral Ute

Valtteri Bottas behind the wheel of a Holden ute (sadly, not a V8) was not on our 2024 bingo card, but here we are. The honourary Australian has teamed up with Uber Carshare and created his ‘second’ car that’s been fully customised for the ultimate Aussie road trip with mullet aeration technology, a meat pie warmer, an esky to keep my drinks cold, a bike rack, detachable hills hoist, freshwater shower, in-built sunscreen, and bug repellent dispensers.

The best part is that you can rent the ute for FREE on the Uber Carshare app from Friday, 22 March until Friday, 12 April 2024 in Melbourne.

Here’s how you book the car in eight simple steps:

  1. Book the car via. the Uber Carshare app
  2. Get the keys using Bluetooth on your phone and unlock and lock the car using the app. 
  3. Check the car and take photos before you get going
  4. Read the owner’s instructions
  5. Enter the odometer reading (Key Handover only)
  6. Refuel if the fuel tank is less than 1/4 fuel
  7. Return the car
  8. Check, lock and leave

Yeah, it’s not going to win any contests at the feral ute muster, but it’s pretty feral by base-model Holden Omega ute status. We think it could do with a giant bull bar, full-length bulldozer mud flaps, truck side plates, driving lights, a set of ugly chrome wheels, and some questionable flags, but that’s just our preference.

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Valteri bottas uber ute inside holden ute
Uber Carshare and Valtteri Bottas ute | Image: Uber

“This is a beautiful country and Aussies have welcomed me with open arms. I want to repay this love by loaning them my ‘second’ car – the ultimate road trip car – while I’m busy racing my first car,” said Valtteri.

Of course, by the time you’ve read this, the car is probably booked out. However, Bottas has slapped a “VB seal of road trip approval” sticker on 10x Uber Carshare cars that he thinks fit the perfect Aussie road trip bill. Those who get in quickly will receive a free VB ‘road trip kit’ with a car air freshener, beach towel, drinks cooler, sunnies, and more.

“We know Aussies love to get away during the Easter long weekend and school holidays, but their first car may not be adequate for their plans. That’s where Uber Carshare comes in. We’re Australia’s home of second cars – over ten thousand road-trip-worthy cars available across Australia and bookable in minutes,” said Uber Carshare (previously Car Next Door) Co-founder, Will Davies.

Valteri bottas uber ute showering at the back of ute
Uber Carshare and Valtteri Bottas ute | Image: Uber
Valteri bottas uber ute rack
Uber Carshare and Valtteri Bottas ute | Image: Uber
Valteri bottas uber ute thong display
Uber Carshare and Valtteri Bottas ute | Image: Uber
Valteri bottas uber ute interior
Uber Carshare and Valtteri Bottas ute | Image: Uber

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