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Saint laurent super73 right side

Saint Laurent’s Ultra-Luxe eBike is Surprisingly Affordable

Luxury brands pairing with other companies to add their touch to products has been the rage for a while now. The latest addition to that movement is a partnership between Saint Laurent and Super73 for an electric bike that is the epitome of luxury. The Saint Laurent Super73 S2 is more than just a dressed up bike, it’s also an affordable way to add luxury to your ride (not like the nearly $30,000 you’d need for the Louis Vuitton Maison Tamboite).

Saint laurent super73 front

Image: Saint Laurent Rive Droite

The Saint Laurent Super73 is based on the S2, which was designed by Anthony Vaccarello. The bike is built around a lightweight aluminium frame and is done in a matte black finish. Stainless steel bolts hold things together. The leather saddle is completely custom, as are the leather handles. The bike sports a single headlight. Y

SL branding appears throughout, including on the tires and seat. You can pair the bike with your iOS and Android devices using Super73’s mobile app. Being an electric bike, the S2 comes with a motor that provides up to 2,000 watts of peak power, which translates into a top speed of 28 miles per hour. At speeds like that, you’ll want to be safety conscious.

Fortunately, The collaboration also includes a helmet from Hedon that matches the bike perfectly. The helmet comes in three styles: matte black with glossy black stars, glossy black with glossy gold stars, and black perforated leather. And speaking of leather, you can also pick up a polyester bomber jacket from K-Way to complete your look.

Saint laurent super73 left side

Image: Saint Laurent Rive Droite

The bike is part of Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite line, which includes a surfboard, metallic skateboards, and other means of conveyance in addition to the S2. You can make an entry into this world of luxury for just USD$8,000 to pick up the Saint Laurent Super73 S2.

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Saint laurent super73 back

Image: Saint Laurent Rive Droite

Saint laurent super73 back light

Image: Saint Laurent Rive Droite

Saint laurent super73 wheel

Image: Saint Laurent Rive Droite