The Legend Continues – Aston Martin Limited Edition Vanquish Zagato

For decades, Aston Martin and Italian design-house Zagato have sustained a legendary, albeit simple relationship: Aston Martin brings the body and Zagato brings the brains. Together they’ve engineered the kind of cars that millionaires dream about. These are works of art that exude swift beauty and powerful performance while increasing in value over time–basically the tri-fecta of what rich men look for in a vehicle.

aston martin vanquish zagato top

The newest masterpiece to result from the collaboration between the two powerhouse brands is the Vanquish Zagato, a GT car representing the best of luxury and sport. For the engine, Aston Martin has upgraded their signature 6.0L V12 powertrain to yield an even better output. Expect 0-60mph in about 3.5 seconds if that helps put things in perspective. Equally durable is the outer bodywork, which was moulded entirely from carbon-fibre and one-piece panels to achieve a unified front of sturdy and sleek curvature.

vanquish zagato car running on the road

Those familiar with Aston Martin’s DB11 will find some similarities in the Vanquish like a stunning glasshouse wrap exterior, a strake that goes from wheel arch to door, and at the rear a retractable spoiler and rear hatch. Also included is Zagato’s renowned ‘double-bubble’ roof that cascades at the rear and takes cues from supersonic plane technology to round out the aerodynamic profile of the car.

vanquish zagato car rear

If sleek, valuable and powerful are words you like to associate with your vehicle (and you have lots of disposable income) the new Aston Martin Vanquish has your name written all over it. Get this baby before it’s gone.

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