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2023 ducati diavel v4 2

2023 Ducati Diavel V4 is a $40,000 Muscled-Up Cruiser with Superbike Power

The Diavel has always drawn a fine line between being a sporty naked and a full-blown cruiser. The Ducati flagship is revered as a versatile yet design-centric motorcycle with a hint of cruiser DNA, however, there is a new kid on the block. With the Diavel V4, there is a lot more muscle along with some important upgrades which have piqued our interest. The first major highlight is given away in the name itself as the Diavel now gets the famed V4 Granturismo engine as its stablemate.

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2023 ducati diavel v4 4

2023 Ducati Diavel V4 | Image: Ducati

The 1,158cc motor makes more power now at 168hp and 126Nm of torque. Ducati says that this engine has been tuned to be torque laden at low speeds with ample power to pootle around while an enthusiastic top-end continues to be there too. There are three power modes and four riding modes including Sport, Touring, Urban, and the new Wet mode for more traction over slippery roads. One big change is that this new motor requires less service intervals along with a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions plus even including a cylinder deactivation system. Speaking of which, the fuel tank is now 20 litres and hence, has got more range for those long trips which you will make with a motorcycle like this.

We’d wager that once in a while you’d stop and simply gawk at its stunning lines. The Diavel has always been a gorgeous motorcycle that blurred different design themes but with new one, you sense that Ducati had sent it to a gym to bulk up. No wonder Ducati took inspiration from muscle cars for its shape which indeed is a proper knee-trembler. We love the new LED headlamps and tail-lamps while there is a larger fuel tank along with the lovely quad exhaust design. Of course, the defying characteristic of the Diavel remains its comically larger 240/45 section rear tyre which lends a lot to its menacing stance.

2023 ducati diavel v4 1

2023 Ducati Diavel V4 | Image: Ducati

Other significant upgrades include a weight saving of 13kgs over the earlier Diavel 1260 S plus it gets an inverted for and cantilever-pattern shock absorbers which are fully adjustable. The braking system is also akin to a supersport motorcycle with 330mm discs and Brembo Stylema callipers. To make it more rider-friendly, Ducati has moved the seat lower and moved the handlebars closer which helps when manoeuvring this rather larger bike. There are footrests too which retract under the tail and a telescopic rear grab bar.

Overall, the updates do make the Diavel a more appealing proposition in terms of practicality while the new engine further adds to its broad-riding appeal. It’s a super sport but with the comfort of a cruiser along with drop-dead gorgeous looks- what’s not to like? The Diavel V4 would be available from April next year while the price tag has now swelled to $41,100.

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2023 Ducati Diavel V4 | Image: Ducati

2023 ducati diavel v4

2023 Ducati Diavel V4 | Image: Ducati