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Evie Bee Electraply e-Bike is Crafted from Plywood

Evie Bee has a lot of talent. Not only does she have expertise in woodworking, as well as a passion for vintage café racer and scrambler motorcycles, she has a keen eye for design and an ingenious mind. Bee’s Electraply, an electric bicycle made of wood, is proof of just how gifted she is. The idea came from Bee’s own experience riding an electric bike. She says the idea for the bike came from “the desire to fulfil my dream of owning and riding my own e-bike. An experience I had cruising along a beautiful coast road on a rented bike was enough to convince me I needed to make one for myself.”

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Evie bee electraply closer

To create the Electraply wooden electric bike, Bee sought out inspiration from the Yamaha SR 250 Scrambler. No doubt you’ve seen this bike in other projects—it’s a popular donor bike in the custom motorcycle world. Bee used Rhino 3D to design the bike, and then turned to a CNC machine to mill the bike from plywood as well as to a plasma cutter to cut out the stainless steel components. The wood is a sustainably sourced poplar ply with some birch ply on the outside layers. Wherever a bit more support or toughness was needed, stainless steel was added. The bike is powered by a 26-inch smart pie front-wheel motor. Electricity is provided by a 36v 12.5ah battery made by Yose. The battery resides on the top of the frame, completing that café racer look with a fair impersonation of a gas tank. The bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 28 miles per hour and has an average range of 22 miles.

For those interested in owning their own Electraply, Bee is looking to start a Kickstarter Campaign. Or, if you’re handy in a woodshop yourself, you can download the two free e-books that Bee put together to show the step by step process of making your own.

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Evie bee electraply side view
Evie bee electraply side
Evie bee electraply
Evie bee electraply down view

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