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7 Best Travel Suits that Hold Their Form | Man of Many


1. Paul Smith’s A Suit to Travel In

The British brand caught the attention of the sartorial world during London Fashion Week last year with this launch, using freestyle stunt cyclist Ben Savage to demonstrate the acrobatics that could be accomplished whilst wearing the suit. The ‘Suit to Travel in’ collection is made from high-twist 100% worsted wool, which makes it literally scrunch-proof. You can actually twist and bunch up the fabric and it will spring back to its original form. Cool party trick, hey?
Is there nothing the Australian menswear label can’t do? The atelier’s latest campaign is the ‘Unsuitable Journey’ which sees a gentleman clad in an M.J. Bale suit travel 20,000+ kilometres across 9 countries in 10 different modes of transport all over 5 days to demonstrate the ‘uncrushability’ of their Superfine Merino Wool suits. According to the campaign, the suit remained crease-free after the journey. Not convinced by the campaign? Test it yourself. If it doesn’t work, at least you still have the privilege of owning a damn fine-looking suit.

2. M.J. Bale

3. Country Road Travel Suit

With the business traveler who also enjoys a morning two-wheel commute in mind; Country Road has re-released their travel suit. Made of soft, high-twist Merino wool, these breathable suits are made for long flights, cycles and should be a staple in your wardrobe. You won’t break the bank either, with the collection sitting at an affordable price in a range of hues.
 It’s only natural that the British fashion behemoth and purveyor of sharp tailoring offers a travel-ready two-button for the stylish jet setter. Utilising wool memory fabrics from Italy that flex with natural movements, the range is resilient to continued wear. It also features Burberry’s signature slim silhouette, all while maintaining comfort and ease-of-movement.

4. Burberry Travel Tailoring Collection

5. Selected Homme

 On the more affordable side of the spectrum sits Selected Homme and their travel suit. It features a blend of polyester and wool, which gives it a natural stretch that offers comfort and crease-resistance.

6. J.Crew Ludlow Suit

J.Crew has always been known for its on-trend casual and formal wear that’s affordable, and their travel-specific suit doesn’t deviate from that ethos. The Ludlow suit is constructed in crease-resistant three-ply wool sourced from Italy’s Lanificio di Tollegno mill. One of the neat features of this suit is the extra number of interior pockets on the jacket, perfect for storing your passport, boarding pass and any other travelling essentials.
Fusing prep style with boundless versatility, Parker Dusseau’s Utility Blazer is a comfortable workhorse for lengthy flights or intense bicycle travel. Featuring Swiss Schoeller fabric, this blazer is perfect as we head into the cooler months. It also features hidden zip front pockets to keep all your travel essentials secure while you ride to work.

7. Parker Dusseau

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