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21 Best Alcoholic Ciders in Australia | Man of Many

Now you know your Perrys from your ciders, it’s time to dive into the wide world of fermented fruit juice. Here is a list of the best ciders Australia has to offer. Kick-off your summer right with a couple of cold ones.

Best Ciders in Australia

1. Pressman’s Original All Australian Apple Cider

Pressman’s Original All Australian Apple Cider is proudly Australian made. It is made using apples sourced from the Goulburn Valley. This crisp, refreshing real apple cider is even more perfect when served over loads of ice.

2. The Barossa Cider Co. Squashed Apple Cider

Squashed Apple Cider is handcrafted by The Barossa Cider Company in the Barossa. The Squashed Apple Cider is made from a special blend of South Australian apples. This full, rich cider has a wonderful balance of fruit sweetness and natural acidity making it the perfect drink for any summer adventure.

3. The Hills Cider Company Apple Cider

The Hills Cider Company Apple Cider is Made from 100% Adelaide Hills Apples. The vanilla, lime sherbet characters shine through the palate on a crisp acid backbone. This well balanced, complex apple cider has a nice clean dry finish with a refreshing after taste.

4. Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider has the juice of fresh strawberries, limes and apples. This refreshing fruity mix delivers an intense fruity tasting cider with an unmistakable strawberry aroma.

5. The Hills Cider Company Berry Jam Sour

The Hills Cider Company Berry Jam Sour is handcrafted from 100% Australian fruit. This Cider is made for a hybrid mix of fresh Australian Apples and mixed red berries from the renowned climate of Tasmania.

6. Three Oaks Cider Co. Crushed Apple Cider

Three Oaks Cider Co. Crushed Apple Cider is made from Adelaide Hills Apples and is wonderfully crisp and refreshing. It’s the perfect cider for those outdoor events and is great straight up or with ice.

7. Ci Fi Craft Cider

Ci Fi Craft Cider is made in the Barossa from cold-pressed Australian apples. It has a crisp, refreshing taste that is balanced with acidity and fruit flavour. Ci Fi Craft Cider is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

8. 5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider

5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider is a wonderfully refreshing Cider with flavoursome apple characteristics coming through in both the aroma and flavour. Serve on its own over ice or with the addition of some fresh fruit for the perfect summer drink.

9. Bulmers Original Cider

Bulmers Original Cider is crafted in a traditional style. As it is made from whole pressed apples to produce a perfectly balanced, crisp cider taste. Which is not too sweet and is easy to drink making it a good summer drink.

10. Kopparberg Hard Pear

Kopparberg Hard Pear Cider is crafted based on the original 1930 Swedish recipe. It uses soft water sourced in the town of Kopparberg and the finest quality pears to create a slightly drier Pear Cider that still with a refreshing fruity taste.

11. Bertie Apple Cider

Bertie Apple Cider is made using only Victorian apples. Which are hand-picked and cold-pressed to create a crisp, delicious apple cider that’s small on sugar but big on taste. It’s refreshing and is not too sweet and not too dry.

12. Three Oaks Cider Native Hibiscus Lime Apple Cider

Three Oaks Cider Native Hibiscus Lime Apple Cider is made from freshly pressed Adelaide Hills apples and is uniquely paired with flavours of Australian native Hibiscus & Wild Lime. This mix creates a tasty Cider with a unique yet well-balanced crisp, fruit complexity.

13. Mercury Hard Cider

Mercury Hard Cider is inspired by traditional ‘hard ciders’. It has a full fresh flavour with a delicate and subdued lingering aroma of apples and has a crisp smooth finish.

14. Henry Westons Special Vintage Reserve Apple Cider

Henry Westons Special Vintage Reserve Apple Cider is a very special apple Cider that is made from top-quality cider apples of a single year’s crop. It is matured in old oak vats and then selected by Master Cider Makers as the very best of the year’s vintages. This cider is full-bodied and rich in flavour and is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

15. James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider

James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider is truly refreshing and delicious and uses only locally grown apples to create the unique flavour of a Cornish farmhouse style cider. This orchard crush apple cider has a crisp and fresh palate with bucket loads of complexity with a semi-dry aftertaste.

16. Rekorderlig Premium Passionfruit Cider

Rekorderlig Premium Passionfruit Cider has the aromatic brilliance you expect from fresh tropical Passionfruits. It is blended with the iconic Rekorderlig Pear Cider you have a match made in heaven. This cider is best enjoyed served in a long, tall glass filled with ice, a lime wedge.

17. Somersby Apple Sparkling Cider

Somersby Apple Sparkling Cider is made from quality fermented apple juice and natural apple flavouring.  No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings are used in the making of this premium cider. This invigorating and refreshing cider has a unique taste and is perfect for a relaxed drink with friends.

18. Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider

Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider is an old Swedish favourite. It’s made using the juice of both elderflowers and lime that is added to Kopparberg’s Apple Cider. This mix results in a sweet and dry cider with a refreshing taste.

19. Mercury Draught Cider

Mercury Draught Cider is made in Tasmania. This cider has the perfect balance of a sweet apple and cleansing acidity. It’s not too fruity and not too sweet and it’s not too dry. It’s a great all-around Cider for summer.

20. Flying Brick Cider Co. Original Cider

Flying Brick Cider Co. Original Cider is made from 100% fresh Australian crispy crunchy apples. its features vanilla notes and apple sweetness. It’s naturally crafted using traditional methods, it has no additives or gluten and is free from added sugars, colours and concentrates.

21. Batlow Ranga Tang Cider

Batlow Ranga Tang Cider is made from fresh crushed Batlow Apples. This cider features a tasty blend of Red apple varieties with fresh, zesty, real Ginger. It’s not too sweet up-front and has a clean, mild spice on the finish. Plus it is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and is the perfect drink for your next summer adventure.
Put simply, cider is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the fermented juice of apples. A favourite in areas such as the United Kingdom, where it has the world’s highest per capita consumption, the drink has transcended categories, spilling into beer drinking territory and cocktail connoisseur camps.

What is Cider?

Despite what you may think, not all fruit-based alcoholic beverages are ciders. There are a number of variations to the iconic drink that are frequently, albeit incorrectly, labelled as such. The most common of which is ‘Perry’, which is made from fermented pear juice. While you might see ‘pear cider’ advertised in bottle shops, what you’re actually drinking is perry, but for the purposes of this list, we’ve kept them one and the same.

Cider vs Perry

What are the best tasting ciders?

With so many different flavours and combinations of ciders available it can be hard to find the best, but Pressman’s Original All Australian Apple Cider is the perfect tasting Semi-Sweet Apple Cider, while The Hills Cider Company Apple Cider s the perfect tasting Dry Apple Cider.

What are the most popular ciders?

There are many Popular ciders available but Somersby, Kopparberg, The Barossa Cider Co. and 5 Seeds are some of the most popular ciders.

Alcoholic Cider FAQs

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