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24 Best Australian Men's Fitness Instagram Accounts | Man of Many

Globetrotting Instagram fitness model Dan OKeefe – aka @iamdanok –, who originally hails from Dubbo, is an urban planner when he’s not training his clients or modelling. Dan’s feed of quality snaps will inspire you to hit the dusty trail as well as the gym. A proponent of living a clean, adventure-filled life, this personal trainer’s Instagram account is a reminder to get that rig out into the wild and show off your hard work.

1. Dan OKeefe

If it can be lifted, hit, swung or jumped over, Nathan McCallum (@isnathan) has found a way to work out with it. His page is a mixed bag of workout inspiration – incorporating everything from high-intensity interval training smash sessions, new twists on classic gym movements, and callisthenics and bodyweight workouts to balance everything out.

2. Nathan McCallum

Former NRL player and bodybuilder Kayne Lawtown (@kaynelawton) spent his youth of elite competitive sport forging a steadfast mental and physical discipline. Now an online personal trainer, with an Instagram account chocked full of workout inspiration to boot, Kayne now utilises that discipline to help others achieve their fitness aspirations.

3. Kayne Lawton

Not only is Tim Robards (@mrtimrobards) a renowned chiropractor, health and wellness expert and former Bachelor star, he’s also the most recent addition to Ramsay St. As well as keeping his fans updated what goes on behind the scenes of his guest role in long-running Aussie soapie Neighbours, he also takes to Instagram to upload a ton of workout & nutrition ideas and fitness motivation.

4. Tim Robards

Who could forget Shannan Ponton (@shannanponton) whoopin’ the blue teams’ butts to victory in The Biggest Loser? Far more than a TV personality, Shannan is one of Australia’s top fitness trainers with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He keeps himself busy running his own Bali Bootcamp as well as being sought-after public speaker, and he keeps his Instagram stacked with fitness and nutrition ideas.

5. Shannan Ponton

Australian CrossFit athlete and coach Chad Mackay (@mackay_chad) has competed in the renowned CrossFit Games three times, topping out at an impressive 9th overall in 2012. Chad’s influence and following is hard-earned; he is a respected figure in the CrossFit and wider fitness community. His Instagram offers guidance and inspiration for all looking to improve their physique and lead a healthier lifestyle.

6. Chad Mackay

Rob Forte (@rob_forte) has never skipped leg day. Not once. And that has certainly paid off. Rob is a 7-year veteran of the CrossFit games, making more appearances at the event than any other Australian competitor. In addition to his dominating his division in the CrossFit world, Rob is known for writing and following his own program, The Forte Method, one which you can follow too, if you’re brave enough.

7. Rob Forte

With one of the best Australian male fitness model Instagram accounts in the game, Daniel Conn (@dan_dc_conn) posts enough nutrition, training and mindfulness content to get you out of the deepest funk and into the gym. With a unique elite functional training approach to his workouts, Dan is a trainer dedicated to tailoring the ideal strength, conditioning and wellbeing program for you to get the most out of each session.

8. Daniel Conn

Khan Porter (@iamkhanporter) rose to social media virality with a 15 second video of him boogying to Beyonce (before snatching a ridiculous amount of weight) to raise awareness for men’s mental health. Alongside busting moves for a great cause, Khan is also one of Australia’s leading CrossFit athletes, runs his own gym and is an honours psychology student.

9. Khan Porter

Michael Ramsey (@ramslegit) turned a passion for personal training and an entrepreneurial spirit into a hugely successful career. Michael is a fitness icon in Melbourne – owner of 6 F45 franchises around the city, he also runs fitness and wellness retreats in Bali and a yoga studio. On top of all that, Michael keeps his Instagram stacked full of training tips & workout ideas.

10. Michael Ramsey

This former firefighter and paramedic has a black belt in Judo AND Jiu-Jitsu, and to top it off, is one of Australia’s top Ninja Warriors. So it’s safe to say Bondi-based personal trainer Aurelien Apport (@aurelienapport) could kick your arse then save your life without breaking a sweat.

11. Aurelien Apport

Founder of Battle Fit Australia, personal trainer at Active Escapes as well as running his own online training program, Andrew Pap (@andrew_pap_) is a true workhorse in the fitness industry. Andrew’s also got one of the best Australian men’s fitness Instagram accounts around, with a myriad of ideas to spice up your next workout.

12. Andrew Pap

Francis Cullimore’s (@franciscullimore) resume is more stacked than the barbell he deadlifts. And he deadlifts a lot. He’s been a mixed martial artists and a bodybuilder, played both rugby league and union professionally; he was even selected for the Australian bobsleigh team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Now he spends his time as an Australian Ninja Warrior and he keeps his Instagram loaded with nutrition and workout inspiration.

13. Francis Cullimore

Originally hailing from NZ, this personal trainer and online coach now calls Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs home. Ben Seymour – a.k.a @seemorebenny – is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to strength and conditioning training, nutrition and overall wellbeing. You can catch a glimpse of that knowledge through his Instagram account which regularly updates with fitness tips.

14. Ben Seymour

For the past ten years Dylan Rivier (@builtbydylan) has trained people from all walks of life with beautiful Bondi Beach as a backdrop. Whether the goal is dropping a few kilos, improving core strength or increased flexibility, Dylan tailors a unique program so each of his clients get the most out of their workouts.

15. Dylan Rivier

Parkour extraordinair Dylan Pawson (@dylanpawson) rose to social media fame after he, alongside his twin brother Brodie, dominated the Australian Ninja Warrior course. He spends his time freerunning through Brisbane, and yes, he posts all his hair-raising stunts on his Instagram. Check in for a daily [email protected]#k-did-he-do-that?

16. Dylan Pawson

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a CrossFit athlete, Brandon Swan (@brandonswanstrong) is the man to ask. He’s a three-game veteran and he runs his own online training program built to prepare athletes for competition.

17. Brandon Swan

No matter how you move when you train, flexibility goes a long way. Long-time yogi Patrick Beach (@patrickbeach) is hugely influential in the yoga world, and an in-demand instructor with workshops all around the world. He’s also got one of the best yoga and fitness Instagram accounts in the game keeping us updated with all the weird and wonderful ways to move.

18. Patrick Beach

Commando Steve (@commandosteve) has become a familiar face on Australian television over the last decade for a good reason – he’s one of the most respected and highly qualified fitness coaches in the country. He’s also got one of the most popular Australian men’s fitness Instagram accounts going, and has taken to the platform to post his daily challenges inspired to get you moving.

19. Steve Willis

Calisthenics athlete and motivational speaker Jack Wilson (@deadlyninjawarrior) certainly hasn’t been idle with his newfound fame as one of the most intriguing competitors on Australian Ninja Warrior. Jack puts his contagious passion for health and fitness to use combating obesity and other health issues facing indigenous communities in rural Australia.

20. Jack Wilson

If you need some motivation to start stacking on the plates, look no further than powerlifting phenom Cameron McKenzie (@camstrength). Cam’s in the gym every day, and he keeps his Instagram updated with the staggering amount of weight he puts up.

21. Cameron McKenzie

Australia’s highest ranked professional bodybuilder Josh Lenartowicz (@josh_lenartowicz) has also set powerlifting records and is a sought-after bodybuilding coach and educator. His unique training has seen him skyrocket to success on international bodybuilding circuits. He keeps his fans updated on his Instagram with workout and competition snippets.

22. Josh Lenartowicz

When you combine physical strength & perseverance with iron willpower, you can accomplish damn near anything. That’s what five years as a special operations soldier in the Australian Army taught Scott Evennett (@scottevennett). If you truly want to test your mettle and take your training up a notch, Scott’s the man to see.

23. Scott Evennett

You know you’ve made a dent in the bodybuilding world when you get cast as Arnie, in a film about Arnie. Australian bodybuilder extraordinair Calum Von Moger (@calumvonmoger) has won Mr Universe three times, and his Australian male fitness model Instagram account also tops this list for the highest following at a casual 2.8 million.

24. Calum Von Moger

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