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26 most stylish australian men of instagram

47 Most Stylish Australian Men of Instagram

The last few years have seen a welcome resurgence in men who care for presentation. Instagram has, in that time, become the new shop window for gents in the know. Anyone with the initiative and self-assurance to lead the way can do so. These are the guys to whom we can look for daily inspiration in the palms of our hands. Get following, fellas.

marco volpato stylish

1. Marco Volpato

Marco is one of the nicest blokes swanning around Sydney and definitely one of the most dapper. He’s not only out there to put his best foot forward with his fashion but is also the Founder and Editor in Chief of Mr Volpato, Australia’s No.1 Gentleman’s Blog. Check him out for one of the best Australian Instagram feeds when it comes to 13 Best Solar Watches: Divers to Dress.

Assocatied with: MRVOLPATO, Cheese Meets Wine, Startup Accelerator, TradeMonk
Followers to date: 1,821


miles wharton stylish sitting beside ocean

2. Miles Wharton

This man can do no wrong and we’re happy to include him on a list of best Australian Instagram accounts. Miles is Founder and Managing Director at The Bespoke Corner, a Made to Measure – Man of Many’s Guide to Buying a Tailored Suit suit company, that combines traditional tailoring with uniquely individual fashion for today’s modern gentleman. He makes it his personal mission to ensure that all his clients are looking their very best. In case you haven’t noticed, Marco and Miles are mates.

Associated with: The Bespoke Corner Tailors, Mens Fashion Blogger


colin gold men wearing sunglasses

3. Colin Gold

Along with his wife Dasha, Colin Gold is a co-founder of the mega-popular Aussie lifestyle site The Trend Spotter. Their Instagram feed is accordingly oversaturated with lush scenery and brilliant fashion from all around the world. Needless to say, you don’t have to look very hard to spot the trends on Colin’s impeccably stylish Instagram feed.

Associated with: The Trendspotter
Followers to date: 119k


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no paparazzi man black blazer

4. No Paparazzi Man

No Paparazzi Man makes posts in a similar vein. Fine tailoring is the name of this man’s game, and he doesn’t disappoint his followers by providing one of the best Australian Instagram feeds we’ve seen in the realm of fashion. If you want to dress to fit in at the Piazza Duomo in Milan, look no further.

Name: Paul Juchima
Associated with: No Paparrazzi Man, Oi! Media
Followers to date: 40k


one two fade off white blazer

5. One Two Fade

This Insta is a Melburnian mix of attainable style and goals set for the way down the track. More focussed on everyday street style, One Two Fade is particularly relatable for guys who don’t wear a suit to work, although it caters for them, too. Over 10K followers in just over six months mean this one is on the rise.

Followers to date: 42.4k


the tailored man

6. The Tailored Man

The Tailored Man preaches menswear, style, and food, and delivers in spades. If you’re looking for a strong statement piece, whether it be for the torso, wrist, or ankle, you’re sure to find a gem here on one of the best Australian Instagram accounts in existence.

Followers to date: 99.2k

mr gumbatron coffee

7. Mr. Gumbatron

From Hong Kong to Melbourne, this bloke will find a corking coffee. The items that wonderfully litter each shot of brew are a great inspiration for accessories and outfits. This IG is perfect for those looking for inspiration within the daily grind.

Name: Lex Mak
Associated with: Mr. Gumbatron
Followers to date: 40.1k


nami men sitting with wearing hat

8. Nami

Sometimes the best Australian Instagram accounts take a less is more approach. Take Nami for instance. The man is all about understated style. You won’t find colour clashing, pattern-tangling ensembles here, just straightforward mens’ fashion with subtle touches and beautiful bare ankles that show his savvy.

Name: Namha Nguyen


scott tweedie dusk

9. Scott Tweedie

You might remember watching him on Prank Patrol, but since then he’s moved onto presenting The Loop. Always impeccably dressed for whatever occasion, follow him as he gets to meet some of the world’s biggest stars, such as international businessman Hans Gruber.

Associated with: E! News
Followers to date: 83.2k


andy murphy standing

10. Andy Murphy

This disc jockey is no sartorial slouch like some others, who shall remain nameless. A self-proclaimed pug lover and (gender-confusingly) fashionista, he should be followed for enhancing the reputation of Aussie DJs everywhere. Damn cute pug, too.

Followers to date: 14.5k


maurice terzini

11. Maurice Terzini

An old artistic soul with a profile to give any militant vegan a hankering for a steak. No distinction is drawn between food and art here – Terzini just seems to know how to please the taste buds and the eyes. Damn cute kid, too.

Associated with: Icebergs
Followers to date: 11.8k


gareth moody chronicles of never

12. Gareth Moody – Chronicles of Never

This man seems to have a proclivity for black and white shots of nature, architecture, art, and clothing. Having a peek at his online store, it becomes clear. Black is the new black, and it always will be.


nick tobias bag in the shoulder

13. Nick Tobias

Tobias does art. He does it well with one of the best Australian Instagram feeds or maybe one of the best feeds, period. For anyone with a desire to to see thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing images in their feed, this is an IG well worth following.

Associated with: Tobias Partners
Followers to date: 3,587


michael klim handsome

14. Michael Klim

Since retiring from swimming, Klim has not had the time to slow down, as is shown by his peak physical condition. He is one of the few former athletes to make the move to selling commercial products that are any good, and his are some of the very best. Alongside this, his Insta is a reminder that you’re never too busy to look brilliant.

Associated with: Milk & Co, Olympic swimming champion
Followers to date: 35.5k


adam ashley cooper standing

15. Adam Ashley-Cooper

Another one to join the ranks of sporting stars who know how to handle their attire. This Wallabies stalwart is a standout in Australian rugby union, not only for his ability to cover just about any position on the field, but also for the way he carries himself off it. For those aspiring union players, follow this bloke’s lead. And his Insta.

Associated with: Australian rugby
Followers to date: 69.8k


drew mitchell with his friends

16. Drew Mitchell

Best mate of Coops, Drew Mitchell must have had some of the Parisian styles rub off on him since moving abroad. Shown above are “The boys out ‘Louvre’ing Paris!!”. There have also been talks that he’s heading on tour with the fashionable, skinny but strong fellas from @beverlyhillsrugbyclub who’ve got some of the best team outfits we’ve ever seen.

Associated with: Australian rugby
Followers to date: 71.8k


jude tyler bag on the hand

17. Jude Tyler

Jude is relatively new to the Instagram game, but this proud Melburnian is already making a name for himself with one of the best Australian Instagram accounts we’ve laid our eyes on. This young man knows what to wear and his city is the perfect backdrop. Get on top of him now as he promises to be big in the near future.

Followers to date: 1,743


benjamin lipari wearing sunglasses

18. Benjamin Lipari

He bills himself as an Italian-made Australian, and this is certainly clear in the way Lipari dresses. The focus, however, of this IG must be exploited in travel. If you’ve never found real inspiration to travel, chances are that you will find it here. This fella knows how to travel well.

Associated with: Lipari Vita
Followers to date: 18k


didier cohen wearing black dress

19. Didier Cohen

American-born model and “jack of all trades” Cohen is hitting the silver screen once more with a gig on Australia’s Next Top Model. We understand if the show Isn’t really your thing, but this man has got seriously good taste, and his profile is evidence of that. If you don’t believe us, he was born in the States and now calls Australia home. Proof enough, surely.


nathan jolliffe black and white image

20. Nathan Jolliffe

Jolliffe is a guy who seems to know how to have a ripping good time. He doesn’t really seem too fussed with anything, and, at the risk of being cliché, he goes with the flow. Every post is an envy-inducing picture of someone you might just rather be for a little while.

Followers to date: 29.7k


nabil must pocket square

21. Nabil Must

Who is Nabil M? He certainly doesn’t give away much that leads us to any concrete conclusion. All we are given is shots of what goes into his body and what drapes his body. This is by no means a complaint – what he shows us is impeccable and the slight air of mystery is playfully intriguing.

Followers to date: 4,917


nathan mccallum wearing suit

22. Nathan McCallum

He does a bit of training. He has a bit of facial hair. These are both terrible understatements for a man who runs a profile that provides us with invaluable fitness and style inspiration. Is Nathan. Is Good.

Followers to date: 1,781


nick russian smiling

23. Nick Russian

The nightclub mogul is fast gaining a reputation as one of Australia’s most fashionable men. His IG is a testament to that as it shows a family man who gets around to some of the nation’s biggest events with many other cranially cropped mates, such as Chris Judd.

Associated with: Together Events
Followers to date: 25.1k


christian kimber wearing white shirt

24. Christian Kimber

This debonair Brit, who decided to call Melbourne home a few years back, thought this the perfect place to launch a line of shoes. Not long down the track and some of the best-respected footwear outlets in the city stock his offerings. As the release of a collaboration with Eidos Napoli is just on the horizon, expect a lot of Kimber, and keep tabs on his Insta.

Followers to date: 21.5k


jared acquaro wearing sunglasses

25. Jared Acquaro

This heavily-inked Melburnian runs A Poor Man’s Millions, where he asserts that we don’t need a million bucks to look it. He decides that he serves this point best as living proof. With an Italian background providing his inspiration, he could hardly go wrong – and he got it terribly right.


brent wilson handsome mood

26. Brent Wilson

Finishing off our list of best Australian Instagram feeds is Brent Wilson. Wilson models his own line of clothing, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he runs some two-bit operation–he was probably the best man for the job. Classic style with muted colours and subtle patterns run the show here. They’re easy to pull off, but to master them as Wilson has takes something a bit special.

Followers to date: 7,071


27. Josh Bozin

This well-tailored, Melbourne-based writer for The Tailored Man and fashion enthusiast has an innate, sophisticated style and a passion for social engagements. From his taste in clothing to his taste in food to his taste in female companionship, Brozin is easily one of the most stylish Australian men of Instagram and someone we can all take a few notes from.

Followers to date: 5,065 followers
Posts to date: 297 posts


28. Dalton Graham

Best mate of Josh and Founder of The Tailored Man, Dalton’s Instagram feed is primarily aimed at men with an appetite for all things luxury. An absolute socialite and man about town, Dalton documents the kind of adventures that make you feel bad for sitting at home when it’s sunny out. And naturally, he does it with style.

Affiliations: CEO at Bullfrog Media
Followers to date: 22.4k followers
Posts to date: 685 posts


29. Benyamin

Benyamin personifies class and embodies an impeccable modern-day dapper vibe. OTAA’s breezy cutting-edge designs paired with Benyamin’s perfectly cool demeanour is a match made in Instagram heaven.

Followers to date: 363 followers
Posts to date: 101 posts


30. Leon Li

With a background in commerce and law, Leon Li doesn’t necessarily seem like the obvious choice for a stylish Australian male. Yet his well-received emergence on Instagram proves he has a knack for modelling and a great sense of fashion. Keep an eye on his feed and watch this rising star evolve before your very eyes.

31. Mitch Lawless

This stylish Australian man of Instagram can best be summed up by the following quote from OTAA: “There are only a few people who can pull of drinking coffee in seawater, some of those include Bond, Clooney, Fabio and Mitch Lawless.” If such a wild assertion doesn’t give you just a slight man-crush, maybe Mitch’s background in immersion MMA will seal the deal. If that still doesn’t do it, you’re just jealous. His name is Mitch Lawless for crying out loud!

Affiliations: owner – Ringcrafter
Followers to date: 1,714 followers
Posts to date: 117 posts


32. Nathan Luke

In addition to being an utterly photogenic presence on Instagram, Nathan Luke has broader ambitions in stage and film. We must confess there is a certain enigmatic quality to his array of postures and expressions. Given his inherently adventurous spirit, we think there’s a strong chance Nathan’s passion for diversity will translate into a brilliant range of characters on the big screen.

Followers to date: 543 followers
Posts to date: 92 posts


33. Steve Tilly

Steve Tilly’s brand of style is the essence of Dappertude, a word that speaks for itself. Think of a classic retro business look updated for the modern world. Tilly’s thousands of followers sure seem to be feeling it.


34. Quoc Phan

The wildly popular Instagram feed of this stylish Australian gentleman is jam-packed with tantalizing, stunning photography that makes you want to just go out and indulge in life. Quoc’s sense of expression is diverse and all-inclusive, meaning it goes well beyond clothing and touches upon virtually every aspect of his lifestyle. Follow him if you’re interested in anything at all.

Affiliations: Intrigued Clothing, YouTube – Quoc Phan, Podcast – What The Quoc?
Followers to date: 188k followers
Posts to date: 597 posts


35. Sam Wines

Sam Wines is a camera-ready jack of all trades who runs the whole spectrum of talent. He easily qualifies as one of the most stylish Australian men on Instagram with an avid following to prove it. In addition to being a science nerd, Sam is a DJ, a model and a fashion enthusiast. Okay, Sam. Is there anything you don’t know how to do?

Followers to date: 93.2k followers


36. The Young Gent

Melbourne-based The Young Gent is a Dappertudist who places an emphasis on building young men into young gentlemen. Naturally, this means exhibiting his distinct style on Instagram. Thanks to people like The Young Gent, there’s still hope for that friend of yours who lives in his mother’s basement and just can’t figure out why the ladies aren’t talking to him.


37. Shaun Birley

Shaun Birley’s Instagram feed is practically porn for those who love high fashion and great coffee. Shaun uses Instagram to document his top-shelf endeavours around the globe in search of trend-setting fashion and a fantastic cup of Joe. The photography is so professional looking you might think you’d stumbled upon a renowned lifestyle magazine.

Affiliations: Travel ambassador for Qantas, @getaway Episodes on IGTV, E-Com & International Fashion Distributor
Followers to date: 106k followers
Posts to date: 1,810 posts


38. The Filtered Fit

Looking good doesn’t always have to break the bank. The Filtered Fit is a stylish Australian man of Instagram who aims to combine affordability with a first rate style. We can’t argue the approach and could probably use a few pointers!

Affiliations: Forensics Consultant
Followers to date: 67k followers
Posts to date: 505 posts


39. Steve Calder

This charismatic, stylish Australian man has a simple goal in mind: to inspire dudes to dress better. Simple enough. He’s certainly off to a great start with a popular Instagram feed that features the latest and greatest in gear and fashion.

Affiliations: Sartorial Casualwear
Followers to date: 55.5k followers
Posts to date: 1,664 posts


40. The Cardinal Man

Another purveyor of the Dappertude fashion statement, The Cardinal Man is a guy who simply likes to indulge in all-things style. We imagine a day with him would involve an insider tour of Melbourne’s best restaurants and bars and encounters with lots of good-looking people. In other words, it’s Cardinal Man’s world and we’re all just living in it.

41. The Distinguished Gentleman

A refined fashion aficionado and staunch Epicurean, the Distinguished Gentleman keeps the attention aimed on the clothing, gear, products, food and drink in his photos. Every now and then his face will pop into the frame but for the most part, it’s all about style. The distinguished gentleman, indeed.

Followers to date: 17.8k followers
Posts to date: 468 posts


42. Toby C. Maher

Not sure if it should be “Agent of Real Estate” or “A Gent of Real Estate”, but either way this dude’s got some serious swagger. Hailing from Melbourne similar to a lot of the other blokes on this list, he backs up his real estate salesmanship with an air of confidence in showing off the best men’s accessories every guy could want.

Followers to date: 16.5k followers
Posts to date: 350 posts


43. Tri Edition

A law student with a great eye for photography and a keen sense of style, Tri Edition’s Instagram is like a greatest hits compilation of the finer things in life. There’s a candid, organic aspect to Tri Edition’s fashion sense and posture, as if style is something he can flaunt without even trying.


44. Christian Stevens

A rising star in the industry, Christian has recently moved into the world of finance working for mortgage broking firm Shore Finance based in Sydney. He’s taken it in stride judging by his Instagram account, donning navy suits, black tie dress and going for joy flights as a helicopter pilot on the weekends. Such is the life.

Followers to date: 11.5k followers
Posts to date: 800 posts


45. Jack Phillips

Jack is the Digital Editor of GQ Australia who’s recently taken a monochrome look to his feed. showing off all the fruits of his labour and perks of the job, you can tell he loves his work.  A great eye for photography and a keen sense of style, Jack’s Instagram is like a greatest hits compilation of the finer things in life.

Followers to date: 2,277 followers
Posts to date: 414 posts


46. Jimmy Niggles

Donning the best beard in Australia hands down, Jimmy Niggles is the man behind Beard Season, a global movement turning beards into life-saving conversation starters; challenging you, your friends and family to book a skin check for melanoma. Having had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy recently, we can confirm he’s one of the nicest and most stylish blokes getting around, all for a great cause.


47. Larry Lim

A photographer and videographer by trade and founder of his blog The Simple Gentleman, Larry Lim absolutely rocks whatever it is he is wearing. From bright colours, fancy pocket squares to a more casual style, there’s a good variety of styles on his feed. It’s anything but simple as his name would have it.

Affiliations: YouTube – The Simple Gentleman
Followers to date: 43.1k followers
Posts to date: 1,608 posts


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General FAQ

How much do Australian influencers make?

Australian influencers with more than 1 million followers can earn from $92 to $19,880 on just one Instagram post.

Are there male Instagram influencers?

Yes, there are plenty of male influencers on Instagram. Some Australian male influencers we recommend following are Mr. Gumbatron, The Tailored Man, and Andy Murphy.