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12 Best Australian White Wines | Man of Many

AKA God’s nectar, this stuff is what dreams are made of. It’s my number one favourite and although many people are confused with which style is ‘in’ right now (including me), I say screw the trend and pick what you like. You can choose between the more toasty, buttery oaked style which is usually out of warmer parts of Australia or the USA or the more fruit forward, crisp, steel tank, minimal oak style which comes from Europe. Australia is currently producing both varieties of this famous dry white wine, and we’re doing it VERY well.

Best Australian Chardonnay

Sommeliers froth over this aromatic variety. It’s complex, mouth-watering, and produces extremely diverse styles, but it’s often misunderstood by us mere mortals, and for too long has been placed in the category of sweet white wine.

Best Australian Riesling

Best Australian Sauvignon Blanc

Love it or hate it (Savvy B is fairly polarising) but do not fear because fun things are happening in this space. Natural techniques are totally changing the final product, exposure to oak and other production methods mean Sauvignon Blanc is making a come back for a new gen of drinkers.
You may also have noticed a few other unfamiliar varieties popping up on wine lists. Australia has gone full throttle, pedal to the metal with Italian white wine varieties. Our climate is perfect to grow these grapes and they are all very friendly, smashable summer drops.

Best Australian Italian White Wine

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