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10 Best Beaches Near Brisbane | Man of Many

First up on our list is Suttons Beach, one of the most picturesque beaches on our list. Only 40 minutes out from the Brisbane CBD, it’s never been easier to escape the city for fun with the family. The beach is patrolled by lifesavers, so you can swim at peace, and smaller waves give you and the kids something to bodysurf or play around in. Parking is free, with free BBQs and picnic spaces to enjoy a feast on. For a day you won’t soon forget, check out Suttons Beach.

1. Suttons Beach

For one of Brisbane’s best beaches and camping locations, look no further than Cylinder Beach. We’re not kidding about it being the best, with Surf Life Saving Queensland awarding Cylinder Beach the award for Queensland’s best beach in 2018 and 2019 back to back. For those learning to surf, Cylinders Beach has a great swell to get your bearings on, as well as the Stradbroke Island Learn to Surf School ready to give you some pointers. With picnic and camping facilities to boot, we can already picture your next family holiday on the sand.

2. Cylinder Beach

From a beginner surfing spot to a break for the pros, welcome to Main Beach. Just around the corner from Cylinder Beach (so you could camp there and drive to Main Beach) the waves get larger and more powerful. Thankfully, it’s also patrolled by lifeguards, so you don’t have to worry about being dragged out to sea. With that being said, we wouldn’t recommend this break for those not confident with their swimming. With the beach covering 33km of land and sand, there’s a reason they call it Main Beach.

3. Main Beach

And now, from a spot for the pros, to a spot for the daredevils. Let us be clear when we say Frenchmans Beach is for surfers, not swimmers. With monster waves and breaks, you’d have a hard time going for a leisurely dip here. There’s a better break in the winter due to the westerly winds, but again, for your own safety, it’s surfers only. There are no lifeguards patrolling here to keep you out of trouble.

4. Frenchmans Beach

Just opposite Frenchmans Beach is Deadmans Beach Foreshore, which is just as surfable. Again, the beach isn’t patrolled, and the neighbouring Cylinder Beach is a safer option with the family. But, if you’re in it for a paddle, or just a scenic walk along the shoreline, Deadman’s is a great spot. Rocks border the small shoreline, with more littered beneath the waves. Maybe that’s how it got the name Deadmans? On second thought, maybe don’t think about that, and just enjoy the waves.

5. Deadmans Beach Foreshore

Surfside Beach on the Eastern side of Moreton Island was named because of it being the, well, surf-side of the island. This is another beach with no lifeguard presence, so if you’re going to surf it be sure of your ability and surroundings. There are often rips on this side of the island, so watch that you’re not paddling into those. Otherwise, this a perfectly awesome beach for a paddle, and a welcome spot on our list of the best beaches near Brisbane.

6. Surfside Beach

Honeymoon Bay looks like a spot right off the postcards, and by that we mean it looks almost too good to be true. Being only 50 metres long, the beach is best enjoyed with as little crowds as possible. The water itself can be a little hazardous here, with large swell and rocks hidden amongst the whitewash. Instead, bring your best picnic basket, blanket, and a cheeky drop of wine for a date night like no other.

7. Honeymoon Bay

Located on Bribie Island, Red Beach is so far the only off-leash beaches on our list of the 11 best beaches near Brisbane. This means all four-legged friends are welcome (although we’d love to see how your cat reacts). The beach is not patrolled, and there are no amenities like toilets or beach showers, so we’d recommend this beach as a shoreline walk. Fishing, however, is a popular pastime here, so if that’s up your alley then cast away.

8. Red Beach

Another great fishing and snorkelling spot on our list is Bulwer Beach. Here you’ll find crystal clear waters for swimming, which is also great for visibility when snorkelling. And for a super cool feature, the shipwrecked structures of boats litter the shoreline, giving the local schools of fish somewhere to gather. You’ll need to let the air out of your 4WD to get here, but it’s well worth your time.

9. Bulwer Beach

Adams Beach is one of the prettiest beaches on our list, and doubles as an ideal camping spot. Wake up to the beautiful beach front, which hardly ever gets a wave. When camping, you’ll have toilets, showers, power, and water facilities (okay, it’s not traditional camping) as well as a range of activities to do in the surrounding area. Treat yourself with this memorising beach retreat location.

10. Adams Beach

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