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60+ Best Fashion Quotes For Men to Live By | Man of Many

Whether you’re looking for style inspiration, or you are looking for a simple Instagram caption. These are some of the best fashion quotes for men to live by. This list includes quotes from some of the most famous faces in fashion and music. Feel inspired and make your next big fashion move based on these cool quotes.

Fashion Quotes 

Fashion is all about aesthetics. We’ve found some short quotes that are sure to make your next Instagram caption as aesthetically pleasing as your new Louis Vuitton wallet. While they’re best used for fashion captions, these quotes can be applied to many different scenarios.

Aesthetic Quotes 

Just made a big new fashion purchase and you’re wanting to show it off on your Instagram? Don’t look like a fool and come up with something on your own, use one of our best shopping quotes. Just think how good your new pair of Balenciagas will feel knowing you came up with such a cool caption. These shopping quotes are sure to make your next purchase look as good as you hope it to, and the Instagram caption as professional as it could be.

Shopping Quotes 

You’re all dressed up and you’re looking at yourself in the mirror with amazement. You’re pulling faces to make yourself feel cool (don’t do pretend you don’t), and now you’re all ready to upload this banger fit pic to Instagram. Well, do we have the selfie quotes for you.

Selfie Quotes 

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